• Nahhhh, cost means nothing.
  • Heck no! But... I know how much my ring cost.. because I had to help my husband find a jeweler to make it ^_^
  • No. It is a symbol more than anything else. I'd probably be relieved... I always feel horrible when my ring accidently hits something. One of these days, I am going to accidently destroy that diamond!!
  • Nope. It's the symbolism of the ring, not the amount spent on it. My ring means a lot to me because it came from my husband, and because he knows me and my style so well that he picked out the perfect ring. If it was stainless steel with a crystal instead of a diamond I would still love it.
  • No way. If I found out it cost significantly MORE than what I thought, I'd be upset. Money can be put to better a better use in a marriage : )
  • It's not about PRICE for me. It IS important for me to have a quality piece of jewelry if I'm going to wear it off and on throughout my life. And who knows? Maybe I'd want to hand it down to our children. (We have a jeweler friend, who sells us fine jewelry at wholesale prices. I'm sure my hubby didn't pay top dollar for my ring, but I know my husband wouldn't get me something lacking quality either. I had nothing to worry about.)
  • no, i would not, the ring is so speacial to me cuz its from the one i love
  • Not at all. I don't care what he spent. If he cared about it and chose it fro me, I would e honored to wear whatever he placed on my finger.
  • No way, I'd be proud of him for getting a good deal!!!!!
  • No, I would not. I have a very modest ring, and would want nothing more. The ring is merely a symbol of his love and commitment to me. The price is irrelevant. In fact, I would be more upset to find out that he spent a lot on it.
  • Hmm, I thought that such a ring was all about the promise and commitment, not what you could hock it for.
  • Of course not. When I get married, it will be because I love the guy, not because he bought me a fancy ring. If he TOLD me it cost more than it did, I would be upset, only because I would wonder if he thought I was shallow enough to care.
  • I would be upset about the fact that he felt he had to be dishonest with me about it, I don't care how much it costs!
  • Not at all. I never wanted an engagement ring and never wear it, I don't wear my wedding ring either. I just don't like rings.
  • No. I don't even have an engagement ring and I'm engaged. If he buys me one great; if not, even better. I don't want him spending tons of money on a flashy piece of jewlery for me when we could be using it on something for the both of us, like a really nice hot tub...
  • No, but I would be upset to find out that it cost more than I thought it did.
  • not one little bit
  • I am a bargain hunter, sometimes not even on purpose. I chose my ring, i looked at the style i wanted in a few stores before actually looking at prices with him, and all the ones i was drawn to were cheap. Thats just what happens with me! Everything I buy. And im perfectly happy with that.
  • My wife wouldnt care. Because any woman who would care isnt a woman I would marry. Which is probably why I havent been married.
  • This actually happened to me. I wasn't mad that my ring costed less, I was just upset that he thought he needed to lie to me about it. I think it's great that it was so cheap!! I just wish he didn't think I was the kind of girl that cared whether or not my ring was expensive.
  • No - Personally I never wanted one because I consider it a waste of money - just my opinion for myself.
  • Not at all. My ring is appraised at over double what my husband paid for it. So proud of him for getting a great deal and my dream ring!
  • No I helped pick mine out and I was goinf for cheap. It is just a symbol and will not make or break the marriage.
  • I would be so proud of him for being reasonable!! Now if he TOLD me he spent $2500 and I find out he spent $500 cause it's a fake diamond, that's another story. I would be upset that he flat out lied to me, not that the ring is a fake. It's what the ring means to me, not what it's made out of or what it costs. I would much rather him spend less on a ring and more on a honeymoon that would make memories for a lifetime.
  • As long as my hunny gave it to me and it ment that he wanted me for teh rest of ours lives i wouldnt care if it came out of a coin machine. love means so much ore then money.
  • I could care less. I hardly even wear my rings anymore. It's too much trouble taking them off over and over to get things done and keeping track of them.

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