• I don't but I definately know what you are talking about. It is actually hard to believe that half of those women look like that. I think alot of them put up false pics and the ones who don't make me sad. Women should respect themselves. I'm a big girl and know not to put my naked azz on here. lol The only people who can see me naked is my man and my doctor :D
  • I only show my face, not because i want attention but i feel people can put a face to the name and my answers, yes there are some that pose a little but hey why not? also these that do are just expressing themselves, and if they are too rude then they will be told by others :)
  • I don't know if it's really more of a woman thing: But it's probably not due to lack of self respect, but because of good self confidence.
  • Maybe deep down in our harts we are all flashers.
  • Meh, who cares? If you don't like someone's picture, ignore it and move on. If you happen to meet someone and you notice they do that, get to know them and the answer will probably reveal itself.
  • Where are these photos? I surely never see any.
  • I haven't seen them either! I see a lot of "internet" downloaded pictures.
  • I've never noticed such a thing at AB, if they did so I agree with pokkitokki, it's probably because they are confident in themselves.
  • Are you actually talking about AB? Cos I've NEVER seen anyones avatar fitting the description you have given.
  • I've personally never seen them on AB, but I speculate it's their way of "looking cute". A simple "mug shot" isn't "good" enough. They need to be doing something where they can maybe admire themselves and hear compliments and "oohs" about how they look.
  • I have seen a total of ONE nude on AB, and it was changed when there was an uproar. It was an "art" picture, very tastefully done, and nothing salacious about it, except maybe to those who cannot view a nipple without getting ... uptight. It was then changed to much closer to the same pix seen of Janet Jackson and others on magazine covers. (And, I'm NOT talking about soft- or hard-core porn. Other than that, I've seen some nice pix that allow us all to place a face with the name/account. If you have a problem with ANYTHING shown here, scroll to the bottom of the page, hit FEEDBACK, and lodge your complaint. If nothing is done, it's over - The staff has decided that what is shown is that person's prerogative to show, and is NOT done for those with purient interests in that sort of thing. If you STILL have a problem with it, DO NOT bring attention to it by asking freaking questions about it.
  • never seen the photos of which you speak. but usually it's a need for attention they know they look good but they want the emotional fulfillment that they aren't getting. you show your strengths in compensation for your weaknesses
  • Because society has taught the young generation of girls to exploit themselves. Yes, it is a definate lack of self respect. Maybe they actually believe their butt is their only worthy asset.
  • Yes, of course it's for attention. What else would it be for? It's a lie when they say it's because they have a high confidence level. People who say that most likely only say that to excuse their indecent behaviour.
  • I don't know why women do what they do. But I wish you wouldn't ask the question in such a way you encourage them not to do it. I like that they do that.
  • They want attention and approval from men.
  • I don't see naked people very often on AB and when they appear, they are usually removed by the staff. But as to people just posing or kissing at the camera and such, I think people are just seeking recognition as an individual, not necessarily showing off, just wanting to be recognized, whether that's accurately or as they wish to be see by others.
  • You are assuming that is the picture of the person attached to a particular profile. How do you know? Unless you meet each person, you don't know what he/she looks like. It could be a photo of someone else. People can tell you all kinds of things on the internet..they can also show you all kinds of things, including pictures that they say are of them. Maybe it's true..but maybe it isn't. Just my thoughts. Why they do it I guess is so you will notice they will stand out from the they will make an impression on you. Happy Saturday! :)
  • You mean like pics of LeeLee and other girls, I don't think they did it on purpose it's just the way they want to be viewed, not as showy person but a fun person.
  • You are right about women on this website. Alot of them are lonely and they look like they are trying to pick up men. Yet most people on this website, do not represent their real selves. They are not really "friends" with each other, but pretend to be. I think it was designed for questions and answers, but half the time people spend their time flirting. Some women post seductive pictures, hoping obviously to pick up some desperate guy. One lady even admits she likes to flirt on here, even though she is married. Sounds pretty weird and stupid to me. Guess we are just a bunch of lonely desperate people.
  • "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places"....... Do you remember that song?
  • i refuse to show anything.... what does that make me?
  • Negative attention is better than no attention at all

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