• Sometimes better than I'd like and other times, not as well as I would like. They're all grown up now, though, so I let them be who they are (if that makes any sense). *SMILES* ---+pts.4.U.
  • I know that my child is the only one I know who will call home when at a friends house to ask permission to watch a movie he's unsure about first. And he just turned 13. I know that my daughter still plays with dolls and she's in the sixth grade, and that both my children respect their father and I enough that they check to make sure it's ok to do whatever it is that they are unsure about first and abide by our response. I may not know everything they think or want but every child has a right to keep things private as well. Respect goes both ways. Give and take.
  • I know whats in the heart of one but not the other.
  • Very well.
  • I dont think any parent REALLY knows their child. I think they know them when their young but as soon as the teens hit its a whole different story. I think parents like to BELIEVE that they know their child but unfortunatly thats not always the case.
  • I think I know my son fairly well. We have a good relationship and he shares a great deal of his life. We almost lost him a few years ago, that really changes your levels of sharing.
  • Alot more than they would like me to know:-)
  • don't know them coz i don't have
  • I think very well. I may not know every little single thing, but I know what's in their hearts and that's good enough for me. :)

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