• they were an ez scapegoat to blame Germany's problems on
  • Because he was trying to make his lebensraum or his living space. As Wiki explains: "It was one of the major political ideas of Adolf Hitler, and an important component of Nazi ideology. It served as the motivation for the expansionist policies of Nazi Germany, aiming to provide extra space for the growth of the German population, for a Greater Germany. In Hitler's book Mein Kampf, he detailed his belief that the German people needed Lebensraum ("living space", i.e. land and raw materials), and that it should be found in the East. It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Russian and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic peoples. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany and allowing their replacement by a German upper class." Most people were very willing to get rid of the Jews because before Hitler, they were making the money. Not only were they making money, they had killed Jesus Christ is what was commonly thought. There was already antisemitism in Europe. In France, there were trials called the Dreyfus Affairs which falsely accused a Jew of treason. So many people believed that the Jew was guilty and there was a lot of propaganda showing Jews poorly. It brought out the true antisemitism in everyone. Because of all this, Hitler was able to kill Jews. He hated them because the mass hated them. He hated them because he needed someone to blame. He blamed the communists, then he blamed the Slavs, and then he blamed the Jews.
  • -ignorance -because he could -something other reason i cant think of -a few other reasons i wont thinkofcuz i dont know
  • There are many reasons why he did. Some of them are to do with the background he came from and the history of Europe. eg Hitler came from Austria. Europe had had a bad attitude to Jews from the Middle Ages onwards. They were pushed into ghettos and/or expelled from most countries several times, ostensibly because of the relationship of Judaism to Christianity, but really for economic reasons (if the King of a country borrowed money from Jewish financiers to enable him to fight a war, it was convenient to push the Jews out of his country later, to avoid paying the bill) Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's economic woes. It suited him to do so, as he needed a scapegoat to blame, in order to reunite Germany. However, as Arisztid pointed out, the Jews were not the only group Hitler picked on. In his warped world view, Jews were inferior people, but so were Romany (Gypsies), Seventh Day Adventists, the handicapped and anyone who stood up against him and defended the groups above.
  • Another experience
  • Because he hated the Zionist Movement, the Protocols of Elders of Zion, and the Babilonian Talmud. My 2 cents.
  • because there where the easy target
  • All throughout History,MANY countries hated the jews,and expelled them!!!!!! Why? Because their own Talmud teaches Jews are superior to all other races,and that it's ok to rob, steal,rape,and kill any non jew,(including Christians!) But why would MANY countries actually expel ALL of them???? Because there were MANY documented cases of some Jews killing young Christian children,(all throughout history!!),as early as 900 AD, and as late as the 20th Century!! HUNDREDS of cases!!! These heinous crimes would almost always occur just before Passover,(or our Easter time!) These Jews were accused of trapping and torturing little Christian children under (some under 7 yrs. old!),by cutting them,blood letting them,and even crucifying them similar to Christ!!! The bodies would have marks on the hands and feet,and even piercings in the side mimicking Christ's death! Also,The victim's body was usually drained dry of all it's blood!! Why? Jews have always considered blood the "seat of the soul",hence why they slice a cow by the throat,and drain ALL of it's blood! They also are notorious for smearing lambs blood etc.,and believe partaking in the blood of their enemies would free there homeland,Palestine..(Some would actually drink the blood of their children victims in wine,or mix it in their unleavened bread!) However,The Jews religion forbid burying theses little "Gentile Pigs", so they usually discarded them in a dump,(but for this reason the bodies were always discovered!) Then the crimes were often solved by witnesses,or the way the killings took place.If you don't believe me,type in "Jewish Ritual Murder" into any search engine! SEVERAL cases of dead children with the same brutal signs of torture show up!Even Jesus himself said their Jewish forefathers were murderers,and didn't want their "Blood Sacifices! The Jews themselves said of Jesus's death "Let his blood be on our heads and that of our children!" Getting back to Hitler, he HATED Jews because they comprised most of Communiist Russia,i.e., the Bolsheviks!!! Hitler always mentioned the Bolshevik rebels when talking about Jews,(Lenin and Trotsky were both Jews!) It was them who killed Nicholas the **Christian** CZAR and his whole family!!! It was also the Bolsheviks Jews in Russia who murdered 25 million Christians in Communist Russia! They were often tortured in large dark chambers, with blood trenches,etc.! They were sometimes nailed to a ceiling and died of exhaustion,or their eyeballs stabbed out,dismembered,etc.! When asked to denounce Christianity,if a Christian women said no,a fellow Bolshevik soldier would throw her baby in the air,and another Russian soldier would catch it with his rifle bayonet! The jews talk how evil Hitler was,but the Red Russian Revolution made the Holocaust look like a picnic!!! Lastly, Charles Lindbergh's baby was coincidentally killed around March,the same time just before Passover! The Jewish press blamed it on a poor German fellow who was electrocuted,but actually it was another case of Jews killing a Christian baby!! You see,the Jews wanted to start the Federal Reserve Bank system,and Lindbergh's father was against them!! Can you say the jews sent the Lindbergh's a message?? Also,the Jews would LOVE for us non Jews to kill each other in wars,like the one in Baghdad, and in Afganhistan! During 911,the Jewish owner of the Twin Towers collected 5 BILLION dollars in insurance money,because the buildings were losing money! Also, Jews were warned that day not to show up for work!!! David (Ashamed of my Jewish first name!)
  • He was a psychotic self-hating part-Jew himself (he had a Jewish grandparent or great-grandparent, I'm not sure which), and blamed the Jews for Germany's economic crisis in the aftermath of WWI...
  • He did not target just the Jews. The Gypsies (Roma/Sinti) were part of the Final Solution as well. And many others groups were in the camps. People that single out the Jews with regards to the Holocaust need to educate themselves before they speak. Making it an exclusively Jewish happening denies so many others. I find that ignorant.
    • Army Veteran
      According to Zionist leader Samuel Untermyer, Hitler was exterminating Jews as early as Aug 6, 1933. The "Final Solution" was passed on Jan 30, 1942. How could Hitler be exterminating Jews before there was even a plan to do so? You are right, it is considered to be an exclusively Jewish event even though there were many other victims as well. The reason for this goes back to Davef99's answer and the claim that Jews are "the Aristocrats of the world". This, in itself, is interesting in that Hitler's use of the word "Aryans" was taken out of context but used as the reason he hated Jews - and yet, the Jews stand there claiming to be "Aristocrats of the world" (translating to "above everyone else") and the world says nothing. The emotional exploitation from the Holocaust is all about the Jews, no matter who else was involved.
  • He believed in Eugenics. You can thank Charles Darwin.
  • He was extremely deluded. Thinking the Jew's were to blame for the awful state of the economy in Germany.
  • He was trying 2 create a Utopian society in a psychotic way. He thought if he got rid of Jewish people he could have a "pure" society.
  • he did that stuff because his mom was jew and she worked for jews and those jew treated her so bad and then she was maried to a german guy and then they had hitler then the mom told hitler what the jews did to his mom and he had a problem with that so he starded killing the jews and tortured them because they tortured his mom so then the death:men- he had them hang by there penis and balls because so then they dont have kids anymore and put them in in camps that where big so he lit them on fire. women- he had a stick and shufd it up there private/<a href="" title="vagina" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />vagina</a> and throughh the mouth and let it on fire. kids/family if he didnt want to do that on them then he put the whole family in the camp and let it on fire. and if yur jewish i hope i didnt afende yu and yur great great great great grandama or grandpa they were in that situation and i feel bad for them it hurts me more than it hurts them
  • hatred + bigotry
  • Because he was a very very bad man.
  • In short, he blamed the Jews for the bad economy and all of the social ills of Germany.
  • Because of the perverse human need to have an enemy.
  • because they are gods chosen people. it goes alot deeper than hitler . ps dr me if you want just because i said god
  • Officially he did it as he blamed the Jews for the 'Stab in the Back' or Germanys capitulation at the end of WW1. Additionally he believed there was a world wide Jewish conspiracy which was trying to destroy the Germanic people of the world, economically, socially, & spiritually. On a personal level no-one really knows why he hated them so much. He personally saved the Austrian Jewish doctor who had tried in vain to save his mothers life. & he worked alongside & for Jewish art merchants in Venice when he was trying to get into the Vienna School of Art. There is no evidence that before WW1 he was anti-Semitic in any way.
  • He was an ego driven dysfunctional son of a bitch who knew how to sway people with passion and words.
  • His mother was Jewish - need I say more? That and he was broken in the head.
  • He in fact was a Rabbi. He had a bad experience with some Matzo Ball soup. He was given the smallest matzoball and never forgave the Deli owner. His descndnats now support him by buying Mecedes Benz products, the pooorer ones alas have to buy Volkwagons. He was a maniacle dictator. He took the property from the rich and killed all witnesses. He was getting away with it for years.
  • Because Hitler was full of the devil and the devil Hates jews because The Bible says they are God's chosen people.
  • I believe that the Holocaust happened to restore the kingdom of Israel.
  • maybe he believed that all jewish will go to hell, reason why he made it in advance. .
  • aNSWER #7 pretty much hits the nail on the head. Keep in mind too that the Jews weren't the only ones persecuted by Hitler and the Nazis. There were millions of Poles, Russians, Gypsys', disabled people and pretty much those whom posed a challenge to the Nazis regime and ideals.(Aryan Brotherhood.) Another lesser known fact is that Stalin and the Communist regimes also murdered millions. Even before Hitler started his rampage. In fact the Russians never closed down the concentration camps "liberated" in thier territories. They continued to use them for years after the war ended. And the world just turned a blind eye to it all.
  • Because he thought that all Jews were a part of a conspiracy to rule the world. He saw from the old testament how the Jews created a God and called themselves the chosen people of that God, creating for themselves an undeserved higher place than all other people. He saw that their religion was full of racism and he fell victim to just that, but on a larger scale. He saw them as a threat to non Jewish people, specifically "Arian" people. He created lies and propaganda to convince the German people that they needed to be done away with. He was mislead. I think he should have used education instead of using violence. Teaching people that religion is harmful and silly is one thing, but killing whole races of people who may or may not be a part of those religions is way out of hand. There is nothing wrong with being Jewish by birth, but there is something wrong with believing that you are the chosen and favored race of a God, especially one that your ancestors created.
  • Conviction. He THOUGHT he was right.
  • not sure why
  • He hated the ethnicity because they were better looking than him.
  • cause he was evil and hated them for some reason

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