• Nothing wrong with that, I like to be alone on occassion as well.
  • Sure. It is fine to be alone, but not to be lonely.
  • I'm the same way. I enjoy me time a lot. I do have a couple of really great friends and a load of acquantinces (sp?? ~ my husband took away my google tool bar with spell check, phoey!) that I spend time with. But I like to shop either with only my children or by myself. I enjot getting a dinner or lunch alone. I guess that is a good thing that we are comfortable being alone, it means that we are comfortable with ourselves.
  • I consider myself a loner type. I LIKE my own "me" time. I use it to recharge my batteries, whereas my boyfriend gets energized by being around other people.
  • Most loners are people who don't fit in, don't have friends and have something about them that people don't like, no matter what they do. You are more of a "recluse" than loner.
  • Alone is how we are born, alone is how we why not be alone every once in a while. Besides, as someone else said...Alone and lonely....two different things.
  • i like to have my own "me" time. And i'm glad to hear i ain't the only one :D. Sometimes i feel like i need more friends, but i find it hard work maintaining lots of them. I'm not a hugely social person. I prefer one to one meet-ups with people rather than group things as sometimes they can make me feel uneasy. So yeah, nice to have time to yourself!
  • What I've noticed as I've aged into my 30's is that I really do prefer my own company more and more. Perhaps for several reasons. One big one might be "control"... I feel empowered in a sense if I'm doing what I want when I want. Also, with the current state of communications and internet, most if not all my friends are only a text or facebook message away. Is this healthy? I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I find it's as if some of my closest friends have evolved into "iPhone" friends as we pretty much text a lot but spend less time getting together doing things. I find an odd feeling inside of myself that I've become friends more with my PDA than actual humans. I have to also say that it is a sort of guilty pleasure since there are so many people that I simply can't stand to be around as I feel they are vampires or they ramble on about things I hardly find of any interest these days. Can a person evolve intellectually to the point of wanting to simply "be" or "do" in a peaceful state rather than have constant interaction with people? Also, I find most people's need to talk about their opinions or dramas to be extremely boring and sometimes exhausting to listen to. Does that make me a bad person then if I just want to be in a quiet space away from others? I can also be perfectly content in a shopping mall or park around others and I actually prefer this at times. To be a watcher simply being. It's my bliss at times. And as you read this, you might also realize that some people can express their thoughts so much easier in written form versus a conversation, such as myself. Sorry if I've rambled ;-)
  • I like doing things by myself. I really enjoy going to the movies by myself. I can sit all the way up front and put as much butter on the popcorn to swim in.
  • yea i do that alot. i'm very anti social but have a ton of friends. whenever i'm off of work i go for a walk by myself, smoke by myself, and i just sit around thinking about stuff. being a loner can make you strong mentally, well at least it did for me.
  • I do it because I don't have friends and I don't fit in 'cause I dont drink or use drugs i expect.
  • There's nothing wrong with that, it's called solitude. I like doing a lot of things by myself that people may find strange... movies, concerts, etc. Walks by yourself can be good - time to think and just admire nature and the surroundings.
  • I relate to you completely, because I am the same. Some of the answers so far have indicated they like to be alone "occasionally". I think overall you prefer solitude to being around others, and like socializing on your own terms. This does not make you a loner, which indicates someone who wants NO interaction with others; it just means you prefer your own company.
  • I do too. Im an introvert.
  • i do...a lot of the time...i enjoy being by myself....just not all the time
  • im the same way. dont get me wrong, i went out to my friends house to watch football the past 2 nights, and there were a bunch of people over!! but for the most part, my days are spent by myself. its only me and my sister at the house, and shes always working. i actually enjoy it. i love watching a good movie, sitting back relaxing on the computer, and I even go work out and go for a run every single day! I never go with anybody. and honestly, doing what I want when I want is fabulous. im an extrovert, but i am around people enough when im running errands and going to class that I dont need somebody there for the rest of the day.
  • i am a loner. i am possibly going through the biggest loner lifestyle possible. i live in a van and travel the state. i make frineds but never stay in touch anyway. i usually sleep durring the day, but the heat has thrown that off these last month or two, but night is when i thrive. and to answer the question at hand: YES!
  • There's a difference between being a loner and being an introvert. You sound more like an introvert. Myself, would probably be considered both.
  • im a loner but not by choice, people dont seem to want to hang out with me, not sure why, i dont mind being alone but not constantly like ive been doing

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