• Sex isn't considered immoral in most cases unless it is outside of a marriage relationship. In a marriage, it is a great and wonderful thing.
  • Sex within a marriage isn't considered immoral. Pre-marital sex, or sex outside of marriage is.
  • Sex is not immoral as long as it remains a sacred and private thing between a husband and wife.
  • Sex isn't considered immoral, only that it has boundaries as spoken of in the bible.
  • Very few people consider sex itself immoral, but many place strong limits upon the circumstances in which sex can be moral. This is because sex is very powerful. Next to survival, sex and its consequences (children) are probably th emost powerful things affecting human life. (Money is also powerful, and some people consider it immoral for simal reasons). Like any powerful thing (chain saws, nuclear weapons, sports cars), if it is misused it can cause a lot of harm (unwanted babies, jilted lovers, STDs...). So people make safety rules to prevent misuse of sex. The name of thos rules is "sexual morality", end few people believe that other people's rules get it right.
  • I once heard that St. ... was it Augustine?, ca. 500 A.D., renounced his youthful sex-filled ways and kind of went overboard in the opposite direction. This influenced Church teachings for a long time. IMO, this dovetailed with Western churches' beliefs in the separation of God and people, so they saw it as necessary, but of the flesh and therefore sinful.
  • You put good food in your mouth and swallow it and if your sensible you won't get fat and harm your body . Any other oriface is just the same and you should be careful , just like food poisoning , the "wrong" sort can be harmful to our health . Within a loving ,true spiritual marriage that is wholesome food for the soul !
  • Even certain animals have one partner , other creatures don't, they don't care . Your asking why we should care ?
  • I don't think sex is considered immoral. It is a part of nature's program for propagation of the species.
  • Sex isn't considered is the circumstances that are being judged. If you are married and you confine the sexual intimacy to your husband/wife, there's nothing immoral about that. But if you are being unfaithful to your partner with another, that is betrayal and I don't know anyone who considers betrayal moral. Also, if you are promiscous and sleep around all the time..of if you sell your body for money..of if you rape someone..those are not what I would consider to be honorable. :) Happy Saturday! :)
  • You can thank the Roman Catholic church for that. Sex is not immoral.
  • Those who can't get laid, like to make it difficult for those who can.
  • If sex was inmoral, human anatomy would have been different. Morality is not define equaly. Individual, cultural and religious points of view make all the difference.
  • 8-26-2017 Sex is not immoral, ILLICIT sex is immoral. Sex within marriage cements the relationship and contributes to stability of the community. Illicit sex is a direct attack on the community. That's why Satan always starts a "free love" movement before he introduces more violent depravities within a nation.

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