• I was curious to see if you had any replies to this. Home Depot is just like any retailer. There are awesome experiences and some bad ones. Sometimes it's the retailer and sometimes it's the customer. This has been an ongoing discussion through the ages. May I ask why you asked the question?
  • I have two with the same "Beotch" named Brittany at The Home Depot in Orlando @t Alafaya Trail; First time was about three months ago when a she was at the Customer Service desk, took my cash payment for My The Home depot credit card and gave me the receipt indicating the correct amount ($180.00) what she "failed" to do (in purpose, of course) was to register the payment as $180.00. She did, but only for $30.00 as my creditor indicated. Where did the rest of the money go? I honestly don't know. It took me two billing cycles and mutliple calls to resolve this issue. Second time a month ago I wanted to place an special order (and that's what she REALLY does) she refuse to even acknowledge me and when she go tired of me being standing there, she came over and asked me what I wanted which I explained she the promptly told me that she could NOT help me and that I needed to "meet" someone from electricals half way on the light bulb section in her classical aggressive tone. I complained to their corporate customer care center and they talk to her manager, and they gave me a gift card for my trouble.

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