• Yes, he did. See last sentence of paragraph 2. Flowers one of several women who have claimed to have had affairs with US President Bill Clinton. She came forward during Clinton's 1992 Presidential election campaign claiming that she had had a twelve-year affair with him, beginning in 1980 when he was governor of Arkansas. She also claimed that in 1977 he gave her $200 for an abortion. When Clinton denied having an affair with Flowers, she held a press conference in which she played tape recordings she claimed were of secretly recorded intimate phone calls with Clinton. In 2003, Flowers sued Hillary Rodham Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, and others claiming that they orchestrated a campaign to discredit her. Carville and Stephanopoulos appeared on ABC's Sunday morning program This Week and said that Flowers had doctored the tapes, a claim later shown to be false. Clinton later admitted to having an affair with Flowers in 1998 during his deposition in the Paula Jones case. She currently runs a cabaret in a former bordello in New Orleans's French Quarter.

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