• Xbox 360 has better graphics than PS3
  • They're about the same i like my 360 for its online play though
  • are you kidding PS3 all the way man x box sucks nuts the graphics are way better and the online is free and better
  • I unfortunately have both a 360 and a ps3. The graphics are superior on games made for ps3 only. There are exceptions though GTA and Facebreaker both look way better on PS3 and there are a couple of games that look better on Xbox 360. Prince of persia looks better on a 360. If you call graphics a wash the features are about equal also. Xbox has netflicks and decent online play. PS3 has amazing online play and expensive videos. But PS3 does allow you to download highdef videos were Xbox does not.
  • PS3 has much better graphics, why? Because PS3 games are Blu-Ray or Hi-Def discs which go 720P or full 1080P, while XBOX 360 games are just upscaled to a 550P-650P level from a standard def disc Need any more help just ask!
  • Sony PlayStation 3.

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