• From watching wrestling, the ring announcer always says that he is: 6'2 and 250 pounds. But apparently I've been hearing that he has grown an extra 2 inches, which now makes him 6'4 As for the bicep volume, I do not know. But I'm sure it changes from time to time, seeing as he works out regularly.
  • He is 5.10 in height. If you are interested in increasing your height in an easy and effective manner then for details visit
  • LOLL @ 5'10". That is ridiculous. WWE announcers did NOT say he was 6'2", they said he was 6'5". The Rock himself says he is 6'5". He is actually at least 6'4". At his heaviest in WWE, he was around 275 pounds, but since leaving has since dropped a lot of bulk. He looks to be about 240 pounds or so now. I do not know his biceps measurements.
  • Height- 6'5" Weight -262 lbs, Chest-50" Waist- 35" Thigh- 31" Biceps- 20" :
  • have no idea

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