• Look for your toolbar settings, in there there is toolbar options. yours is set on hidden.
  • 1. Right click toolbar 2. Select PROPERTIES 3. Uncheck "Auto-hide the toolbar".
  • 3-9-2017 I never heard of an "internet toolbar". There is a Windows toolbar at the bottom of the screen and a browser toolbar at the top of the screen. Of course it depends on what operating system and what browser you use. Every program you use has a tools menu. If you use tools a lot it will be a toolbar across the top of the screen. If you rarely use tools it might be hidden. In Windows you can click "Start" and select "Control Panel" and that gives you a menu of menus to control everything the computer does. You can right click anything and most of the time get a menu for that specific item. For example if you right click the desktop you have the option to rotate the monitor image in some graphic cards. That allows you to have an image that is high instead of wide, by turning your monitor. You don't need to memorize all these things, just be aware that they are in there. Then you can claim to know how to operate a computer at the beginner level.

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