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  • When you just have to watch it everyday!
  • well when i was single i would watch it like....a few times a day...HEY it's good that bad? lol
  • too much porn!!, who gave u that idea, no such thing
  • Is there such a thing?
  • It's on my top three things I would enjoy doing non-stop for the rest of my life.
  • When you find yourself trying to hump your tv screen, maybe that's too much porn... other than that, I've never even heard of too much porn.
  • Well from what I speculate, When you masturbate WAY to much you end up hurting yourself, When you lose sleep, Refuse to eat,drink,use the restroom... Just plain forget to live life, Ultimately, When you forget there are REAL people out there who want a REAL relationship with intimacy. Basically when you lose interest in life, sort of like addicts on "WoW" (World Of Warcraft)
  • If you have to ask, you are probably watching too much porn!
  • Too much is when it stops enhancing your sex life and BECOMES your sex life.
  • when your penis rips to shreds
  • It becomes too much when people begin paying to watch YOU over the Internet.
  • Too much porn is when the cops nock on the door and say so
  • is that possible haha yeah, when its affecting daily life i would say its too much you if you couldn't have sex without watching one
  • Like any millennial worth their salt-and-pepper avocado toast, you know your way around Google and probably also know about the porn "rule" here on the internet: If you've ever had a fleeting thought about it, someone's made porn about it. In the digital age, we can get whatever our hearts and genitals desire at the swipe of a touchscreen. There's nothing we can't wank to. Armed with enough lube, you can wile away the weekend jerking off to the bounty that awaits you on your favorite porn sites. Porn is kind of like an extra-sticky theme park. It's neon, flashy, and thrilling. There are no weird sounds, awkward moments and mood-killing pauses for rubbers. Real life, however, is just
  • When you sstart to stutter, take a bbreak.

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