• I have a helicopter. Havent been up in it yet though. I need to take lessons..
  • Yes I have in Sedona,Az. We saw all the beautiful,natural formed rock formations. It was awesome!!
  • didnt know wheather to dg you.. never beg babes.. i never been in a helicopter but i can name 90% of them on sight.. ive loved helicopters since i was little.. i am thinking of a trip over the grand canyon.
  • Air evac, to the hospital and saw nothing but paramedics. Wasn't very memorable.
  • I have flown in a helicopter over the Gulf of Mexico a few times.
  • Yes, my uncle has his helicopter license, so I've been all over the place in them. I also flew over the Niagara Falls in a helicopter, drunk, on a guided tour. That was fun.
  • i went cattle mustering in a little chopper i lasted about 5min before i begged to get my feet back on the ground, i didnt see much cause i was shitting myself,those pilots are f--king crazy.
  • Goodness Jessica...I wouldn't make you beg for anything...truly
  • I did ride this tough Jess
  • i took a helicopter ride when i went to cuba a couple years ago .. it was fun :) ... we mostly flew around some island, i saw dolphins :O ..!! ..
  • Twice. Once when I was a boyscout they used our troop to simulate a school bus accident to train local police and fire departments. We each got our fake makeup blood and injury. I had a cut off arm, fake of course, and got air lifted to a local hospital. It was cool but I was on the strecher so i couldn't see much. The second time was with my dad, he was military. I rode in a huey. the doors where wide open and i was strapped in tight. My dad sat by the door. It was probably the coolest thing We did together next to shooting grenade launchers at a father son firing range tournanment.
  • I went over Niagara falls by helicopter tour around one year ago, it was around 15 mins and cost me $120, however i managed to get the seat next to the pilot so view was awesome.
  • Many times....some times to places I did not want to go....and to see things I did not want to see... BUT on a lighter note! The last one was to Goodwood Racecourse....Very civilised!
  • I took two! One was the Kauai Safari in Hawaiii which was AMAZING. The other was over a lake and some fields in Gatlinburg, TN which was more costly than the Hawaii one and was horrible.

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