• You have to pitch it somebody, make a presentation.
  • At that point, find a friend who can write, and write it out together. Then, assuming you've never made a movie before, either find some local filmmakers or pitch the idea at an independent film studio. First write it out with a friend- or if you don't have any friends gifted that way, find a local college that offers a screenwriting class, and make contact there.
  • You'll first want to creat some kind of script, something to prove that it is your idea, so they can in turn 'buy' it from you legally. If someone creates the movie that you pitched but didn't buy it from you, and you can prove it was yours first, they can be sued. Go to Warner Brothers. Or, if you've got some money, make the film yourself. Find some College students itchin to make an indy film. Find your writers there as well. And your actors. Hell, college is the best place for that. They will be motivated and really
  • Make friends with someone who DOES know how to write. Either that, or take a few writing classes at your local community college. Just keep in mind: ANY schmuck can have an idea -- it's sitting in front of the computer for four months hammering out a screenplay that's the real work. There's a story about Frank Herbert (the author of the "Dune" series) who was approached by a friend who wanted him to write a book based on the friend's idea. The friend even offered to split the profits with Herbert, 50/50. Herbert refused, for precisely that reason -- the real effort (and thus, the real value of the piece) is in taking an idea and making something marketable and entertaining with it...
  • If you are creative enough to truly have a great idea for a movie, chances are, with some preparation, you are creative enough to write a screenplay or at least co-write one. Screenplays are far easier to write than novels are for many, many reasons.
  • hi Sara, babieeeeeee, keep all the juicy story line details to yourself until you have it in contract with a movie deal ;-)
  • Definately either write the idea, or "synopsis" down and get it protected. Then get someone who knows how to write scripts together...then from there, about a million potential scriptmakers would want to know.

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