• The opposite over the age of 15 to 18.
  • Yes I do believe that. When they are young and in our care we can do everything we can to ensure their safety, health and well being. When they leave home, we are very limited in our ability to help them, because the decisions about their life are no longer ours to make.
  • No, although the "Heart Break" is certainly Greater because we realize they are making Deliberate Choices Against what they have been Taught by U. John
  • No, as a matter of act, I don't..what's hard is guiding them and keeping them they grow and develop personalities and thinking processes, they are able to protect themselves, and ultimately they are able to protect you..that is the normal sequence..unless your grown child is a drug addict, criminal, lazy bum or something else that is heartbreaking, it gets much easier as they mature! :)
  • My son is almost 13. So far the hardest part was up to age 3, and then it has just kept getting easier. Not that it's always easier, but certainly easier than when he was litte. Mind you, still have those teenaged years to contend with. Wish me luck!
  • I'm not even a parent yet and it's hard for I can imagine it only gets worse:)
  • It does not become harder. it is just helping them deal with things. Not harder decisions but different ones.
  • Yes, it does. Just because your children get older, dosent mean the situations with them get easier, in fact they tend to be harder. You are talking about kids that are turning into teenagers - peer pressure, sex at an early age, getting an education and finding jobs, starting to realize that you are closer to being an adult, and that the consequences for your actions, are more so stronger, and that you are held accountable for your actions,and cannot get out of trouble as much as when you are smaller. I have three girls, 1 is 16, another is 13, and the youngest is 6. So this, I know.
  • Not out of personal experience but from what I have witnessed around me I believe the most difficult years are the teen ones between 13 and 19. Along those years they feel grown ups, they are not. They feel they know more than the parents, they do not. They want independence to do their free will, they are not prepared for the challenge. They want to experience the forbidden, they can not cope with it. I could go on for hours, I believe teen years are certainly the most difficult ones. Regards.
  • Yes certainly. The older they get, the more they wana know things and they get naughtier.
  • Actually, yes. When children get older, they start to hear other peoples opinions and they start to think for themselves (hopefully), and they may even end up disagreeing with their parents. When children are young, they tend to believe what their parents say. When children get older, a parent may feel like he or she has done a bad job if his or her child gets in trouble. The older a child gets, the closer he or she is to moving out and finding a place of his or her own and possibly getting married and starting a family. As children get older, they tend to develop romantic feelings for certain people. Maybe they will fight with their parents so much that the parent ends up kicking them out hoping that reality will teach them a lesson so that they come back and apologize. Parents, please correct me if I'm wrong at all. I could say so much more on this subject if I wanted to, but I'll stop right here, at least for now.
  • Well sort of. Your energy level is lower but you have much more wisdom and life experience to draw on. So yes and no.
  • Here's a diagram I made: ;)
  • Does it ever. Don't forget, the parent gets older too!
  • Absolutely no doubt about it!
  • I'll say yes to this.
  • I think KiloWattKid's diagram was right on target. they're pretty easy as babies, and as they get older, parenting gets tougher. Then once they get past a certain age (usually the teen years), it gets easier again.
  • ok this is kinda hard to explain but here goes = when your baby is born its 120% of your efforts because he is bonurable and depends on you for EVERYTHING as he turns 1yr-5yrs it gets esier because he know how much he can eat and he lets u sleep more when he is 6 yr - 13yr it gets harder because he wants to have a cell phone and freedoms and he askes to many questions so its more harder financially, when he is 14yr - 17yr he knows what is up and what to do in life he just has to do it. well thats the best i can do.
  • These days, no. Because of the danger parents face when they discipline their own children. (Kids these days have it TOO easy!) By the time they've reached puberty, they aren't nearly as important to child services. I guess older children might be hard for the fathers. But, for the mothers, it's the first 2 or 3 years that are hardest.

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