• Alfred Hitchcock. His movies were made with the audience in mind (as opposed to just what the director wanted to do). He never toyed with the audience - when something was being led up to (like an explosion) he didn't use some tacky excuse to not have it happen. His movies were intelligent thrillers where ordinary people found themselves in unordinary danger (e.g. Tippi Hedren in "The Birds")
  • I'm not really an expert when it comes to film but Stanley Kubrick's movies have a really unique look/feel to them that sets him apart for me. There are a lot of other directors I really enjoy as well though. Certainly I agree with the Hitchcock mentions - He was brilliant.
  • Probably Spielberg. Raiders of the Lost Ark Schindler's List Saving Private Ryan Catch Me If You Can Jaws Close Encounters of the Third Kind E.T. Duel The Color Purple 1941 (no j/k)
  • I am a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan. hes a newer hes a recent fave for me. his movies have a subtle quality that i love...
  • Although he was best know for his westerns, I'd have to say John Ford. I also agree with with everyone mentioning Alfred Hitchcock as well.
  • M. Night really has a way with creating suspense and jogging our brains to think during his movie. He's very good.
  • Who ever did the underworld series, totally wiicked!
  • Spielberg is the first name. He directed lots of movies and the span of his movie time is also long. He is so creative & can direct any type of movies. We've got other good ones such as Coppola, Peter Jackson, Tim Burton etc but they're just started & their contribution is still new to the world.
  • Always the director is considered to be the best in the way that, director has the capability and ability to make a movie satisfying the following points: "monetary that was utilized for the right purpose in the movie", "box office hit", "fan followers for the movie", "make every individual to think about the sequences in the movie", "innovation", "story weightage", "quality of the situations in the movie", and "the presentation style".. In my point of view I can blindly give my verdict to some of the directors who satisfied the above points and excelled in their transformation.. "Mel Gibson", "Robert Zemeckis", "Stephen Spielberg" are the best among the mavens.. I cannot tell by seeing only the box office hit of the movie that he/she is the best director like Titanic or Jurassic Park, there are several other criteria that makes a director, best of his/her kind.. Thanks everybody, Paul.

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