• Yeh, kinda gross as it comes off on the sheets and ruins them. I do the SPF 30 thing and real sunshime in metered doses!
  • Why would I do that when I live on Lanzarote. I spend most of my time looking for shade.
  • My Coworker did it. She said that she'd never do it again. It was too time consuming and it's pretty gross when it comes off. I'd do it for a special event. But that's about it :)
  • No, but I've seen a stripper that was addicted to it...yeah, she was a carrot...not sexy. No.
  • I was dating a girl who worked at a tanning salon in Miami, so I got duped into it. It wasn't bad, it looked natural, and she even did some spraying magic to make me look more ripped (which was pretty cool). If I had to pay for it, I wouldn't do it - that salon was like $150 per session. Nowadays, especially in Cali, the technology is pretty good so you don't end up looking orange.
  • nope. i just drive around w/a tube top/halter top or go swimming one day n im toast. even w/sunblock.
  • yeah, bad experience. i did the mystic tan (because paris hilton recommended it in some magazine, i have no idea why i took her advice lol) .. and i smelled like cornstarch for a couple of days, i was orange, it was just really gross :(
  • Yes. Stop by if you are interested in learning about the process. Jenn
  • Nah. A coworker of mine does it and you can tell it's a spray on tan. It's kind of orangeish.
  • Yes, but it was NOT a booth. I got an airbrush tan done to the tune of about $30 for a friend's military ball. I was already pretty tan, but it gave me a great bronze glow. The salon that I went to used to have the MysticTan booth, but they said it's horrible and so many people complained about it that they dumped it. So airbrush tanning by a PERSON is the way to go. I had to go topless because my dress was backless, but it wasn't a problem and I kept my panties on. You have to wait 3-4 hours before you shower, which isn't a bi deal. I got it done the day before, and it looked amazing with my dress. Let me know if you'd like a pic!

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