• You might want to try this: It is a glue used in yachting, very fast and efficient (so the manufacturer claims).
  • There is a fabric glue that is pretty fast, got it at Walmart in the craft dept.
  • There is a glue for fabric and leather but I'm not sure if there is a fast drying one. There are many different brands and sizes, the ones I've bought is from wal-mart so it's pretty cheap. I've only used it for a framing project that I used fabric to surround the frame bubble style and it didn't take that long for it to dry. I'm sorry but I don't remember the name of it though but I know I got it in the craft's department in wal-mart.
  • There are many "Contact Cements" out there that will do cloth to leather, to cloth, to plastic, to metal etc. & are clear & very Fast. Try Michaels & read the packages.
  • Rubber cement yo...
  • Depending on how fast you need, you might consider two sided tape, no waiting at all. Or another instant method is to use two sided iron-on, either in sheets, or trim.
  • There is glue for fabric, but it depends for what kind of fabric?
  • The best glue that I've used for fabric is: Fabri Tac and Crafters Choice fabric glue Quilters and Applique artists use them.

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