• peanuts are high in fat and very low in fiber. So yes, peanuts are bad for rabbits, shells too.
  • I used to give them to my hamster. It's safe for squirrels to eat and they are rodents just like rats.
  • NO they are not good for rabbits. Rabbits shouldn't be fed anything that is a seed, a nut or a grain. They do better with hay and veggies. They are NOT a rodent. They are a lagomorph. Nuts have way too high a fat content for rabbits. They do not and should not have fat.
  • The peanuts are bad for them, especially if they are salted. Also, keep chocolate away from them, as it blinds them.
  • peanuts are like giving a dog chocolate so of couse they are bad.
  • I find it hard to believe so many people out there are ready to give advice without anything to at least support it. Seems as a shame as Peanuts are a great treat for bunnies, I know mine LOVE them. Of course like all treats they should be given in moderation. The Peanut is not actually a nut but a bean! As long as your bunny is not overweight, and does not suffer from cecal dysbiosis: then a couple of little treats a day are not likely to cause problems. Peanut shells are not be a problem either, useually only a small amount is eaten to get to the peanut. They are composed primarily of cellulose, which is digestible to rabbits. Hope this helps.

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