• I am not sure what causes it, or if they really know what causes it, but I do that my grandmother lost my uncle at the tender age of 1 yrs old due to crib death.
  • Crib death or S.I.D.S.(sudden infant death syndrom) has no real cause but many times is related to suffocation or over heating. That's why many docs recommend the back to sleep method. From what I've read, they say that 90% of SIDS related deaths appear before 6 months but can happen up to a year. The following are things to avoid:Stomach and side sleep positions, Soft or loose bedding, Bed sharing, Overheating, Secondhand smoke, Maternal alcohol and illegal drug use. Make sure your crib hasn't been recalled. Check the CPSC site for recalls, you can also sign up for their e-mail alerts =)

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