• I don't believe any will these days. Used to the QE2 had kennels used for longer voyages. The don't have them any more. I'm not even sure a blind person with a seeing eye dog would be allowed (well not the seeing eye dog at least).
  • I had an entire busload of blind ppl and their dogs on tour. Had to describwe EVERYTHING. Was a blast. Find a good travel agent that can hook you up on a cruise that is booking for Service animals, get a Dr. to write that you have a severe [crippling] anxiety handicap, and you can go on that trip. They also have specific Lesbian, Gay men, Purple Hat Society, religious groups, etc Ships. Usually only one per season, but you can do it.
  • It would be great if there were cruise ships that allow dogs on board. My small yorkie goes everywhere with me, he is clean, very well behaved,(FAR BETTER THAN A LOT OF CHILDREN)is not a yappy dog, gets on well with other dogs, as long as he is not pestered by them! sleeps through the night. I am always discouraged by the fact to take him to spain or suchlike due to the fact of the decease's that dogs pick up there, heartworm, lungworm etc; then finding a vet 2days before you come home, it's such a worry. But on board they would'nt have to come off ship, as long a they have a walk area, and poo area, wee area, and people who take care of their dog's behaviour. Mostly people with dog's who are willing to spend x amount of pounds genuinely look after the surrounding's they are in. Anyway, I am going through a traumatic separation and my dog is and will be a great comfort to me. I would love to go on a cruise.
  • There aren't any commercial cruise lines that accepts dogs/pets. See this link:
  • something to consider in all of this. Each country has their own Animal entrance policy. Many countries do not allow dogs to come direct from the US due to rabies. They must go to a rabies free country, be quarantined, and then shipped at a later date. So it really wouldn't work for someone to take their dog on a cruise that was leaving San Juan and going to Barbados because the dog couldn't get off the ship because of the Health Ministry laws in Barbados regarding animal admittance to the country. By the way.. same thing applies to humans.. if you don't have the proper documentation to get off in each port, you don't go on the cruise (the only exception is St. Petersburg Russia, and its too long a discussion to get in to).
  • The Queen Mary 2 DOES allow dogs, but ONLY on Transatlantic trips. They have a kennel for 12 dogs and 12 cats. The cruise ship has special staff assigned to the animals, and the owner may come visit and walk their pet 4 times a day. I don't know if other Cunard ships allow the same privilege, but you may want to check.
  • None that I know of!

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