• well its a sunny day 2day which is good cause it snowed all yesterday n i cant be your neighbour cause i from uk n i bet u from america aint u.
  • I have no neighbors.............
  • Indeed it is and I have no neighbors and like it that way, no offense.
  • It is a fantastic day in my neighborhood. And although I love Cali, I am happy to call Belgium home.
  • Well we're waiting for the ice storm, sleet, snow to come. It is pretty outside. It's just all our family up here on the hill but there is an empty cabin across the street. We'd welcome you here if you like peace and quiet and being what the people in the village refer to as "Woods People!" surrounded by woods and trees and nature:-)
  • Most days are good days in my neighbourhood - over 300 days of sunshine per year and hardly any crime, in fact none that I've heard of. They are building 9 new houses just along the road from me, so you've just got to buy one of them and we would be neighbours, although I won't guarantee that you won't get funny looks if you walk about in a cowl and a binary face.
  • Yes. It's normally a good, quiet, preppy type neighbourhood. People walk their dogs, kids play ball in the park and skateboard, and others do gardening and taking care of their cars. LOL., yes, I'll be your neighbour. Why? Because you're special---I like you because there's no one else like you. You are a wonderful person by just being yourself. (Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take off my blue cardigan and put on my suit jacket, and slip back into my shiny men's dress shoes! Bye-bye neighbour!)
  • Pretty nice today (puts on sweater and sneakers) sure, I'll be your neighbor! If literally isn't possible, then in the Mr. Rogers sense.
  • Small world isn't it? I have never been back even though my parents have bought another home there, a small chateau, to fix up and use when they visit. It would be nice to go back and see where I was born. I've met a few people here in the US from there but most seem to be for other areas than where I was born.. One fellow online is on and he takes photos all over and shares them with me so I can see a little of where I was born and lived. Nice to meet you. I see you are getting married soon. Congratulations :-)
  • Everyday is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Yes I will be your neighbor. What a beautiful world.

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