• Uncomfortable!
  • Normal.
  • Kinda weirded out. But I would continue to talk.
  • It makes me feel like they aren't listening to me. I don't need constant eye contact...that is weird, but a good flow of eye contact to show that you are listening is nice to have.
  • I feel like they are uninterested in what I'm saying.
  • to me they are shifty ..insincere.. and rude
  • I personaly have no respect when someone does that and especially so when you shake hands it makes me feel like i've wasted my time & energy on this person because i think they are not interested to begin with.
  • It seems somewhat evasive to me and I wonder what that person has to hide! :)
  • Uncomfortable, especially when it is someone I am close to. If it is someone I do not know well, I wonder if something might be wrong. Sometimes it's a sign not to trust someone, other times, people just don't want how they're feeling to reach the surface.
  • That is truly my pet peeve ! I feel like the person isn't listening and is blowing me off ! I hate it when they say " keep talking i'm listening". Look at me when i'm talking to you !
  • They're shy and maybe insecure. There's nothing wrong with this and doesn't make this person a bad person. I'm like this and take it from me I'm not shifty or funny in anyway.
  • i always feel like there trying to hide something i know most of the time it just there shy.. but its always in my mind..
  • I dont like it when I get full on, non stop continuous eye contact with the person I'm talking with. I almost feel like saying "Hey, what are you looking at? Have you got a problem?" because too much eye contact is distracting & its like they're staring at me & I lose track of what I was saying because I'm wondering why they're staring. So dont give me eye contact, please. Or at least break it up a bit.
  • It depends on the circumstances. If they are sad, it's completely understandable and I usually gauge how far over their sadness they are by how easily they make eye contact with me after I make an attempt at consoling them. If they are happy, it makes me feel as if they are focused on something else, unless I know this to be untrue because of past expereience around this person. Like I said, it depends on too many variables, how I feel about it.
  • A bit weirded out, sort of annoyed. If their head is up, but they are looking away, off to the side, then that constitutes rudeness, but if they are looking down, speaking quietly, seem uncomfortable, then I think they're insecure. I know someone who nearly never makes eye contact in social interactions, and I don't like it, in fact I avoid them because of it, and it has led me to think that they have unresolved problems they need to work out.
  • It really depends on the person and what we are talking about.
  • Like you are talking to a tree. If the person don't make eye contact at all then it's obvious he/she prefers doing something else (or do nothing) rather than talking to you.
  • all the time its so rude
  • I feel superior!
  • They are crazy, and I better keep both hands on my bag because they are probably looking for a clear get away path.... or their a schizo
  • that you cant trust the person,or the person is very shy.

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