• All the time. I have decided that I help people for my sake and not theirs.
  • All of the time. I shouldn't be surprised anymore.
  • Yes. it was my bf's friend. I actually gave him the car and paid for the gas to move all her stuff to her new apartment and she never called to say thanks. She's a peasant bitch from a village and her bf left her because she is boring. Stupid and ugly sack of shit. I hate her. I can't believe I wrote all this. It so much isn't me, but I don't like her.......So I leave my answer the way it is.
  • It happens more often than I care to admit. I take it personally, which really makes it my problem. I remind myself that praise isn't necessary to feel good about helping others. If I didn't, I'd give up and then no one would benefit.
  • *humph* Yes, I hate arrogant people.
  • this isn't really helping but one time my boyfriend and i won amazing tickets in a box with food for a hockey game. We had 10 tickets and we offered two tickets to my ex boyfriend (also my boyfriends former friend he had a falling out with) and his new girlfriend. My ex loved the team that was playing and excepted the tickets, the food, the drinks, the dessert. Everyone said thank you and my ex never even talked to my boyfriend or said thank you for the tickets. I ended up saying something to my ex about how rude that was and he deleted both my boyfriend and i from his account. Petty
  • One time near Christmas about 10 years ago. I saw a man beating up a woman from my window. He was dragging her by the hair through the snow. I went out and tackled the guy, and had my gf call the police. When the police came she held the guy's hand and said "there's nothing wrong." My fuckin' mouth dropped. Police arrested him anyway because neighbors had called. But , damn! She was gonna take him back? She then, gave me a dirty look for what I did. Ain't that about a bitch?
  • Many times but they will need me again.
  • You should never help anyone out and expect a return on your investment. Quite often the person you help out will resent you, or feel obligated/embarrassed. So you do what you do because you are who you are and that's expectations of expectations that this person will be there for you if needed! That's just the way it is! :)
  • Yes. Only when it was a very close friend did this truly bother me. It was as if she 'expected' my help, and more. I realized that she had a general expectation for others to take care of her needs, and that gratitude was never part of the equation. I still do things for people, and generally people are good at showing their appreciation. I realize some people are thankful, but are embarrassed to have needed help. Others don't know how, or aren't good at showing gratitude. Those people should work on that problem.
  • That is the story of the past week. My husbands cousin came to visit us for a week, and he brought his girlfriend with him. She's a vegitarian, no one else in my house is. I made meals especially for her, that she wouldn't even eat, bought her things all week, let them take our vehicles wherever they wanted to go. Not one single thank you from her. Then, we take them back to his mother's house a few hours away, and we get a hotel room. She practically begged us to let them stay at the hotel with us, and that they'd sleep in the floor. So we said they could. We had our daughter with us, and she wanted her cousin to spend the night with her, so they could swim and play together at the hotel. We'd planned on that anyway.. After we went swimming, this girl climbed up in the bed that was supposed to have been for me and my husband, in her wet bathing suit, and tried to go to sleep!! My husband came in the room and told her to get out of the bed, I changed the sheets. She went and got in the shower...Used up ALL of the towels, then came out and got in the bed that my daughter was going to sleep in with her cousin.. And went to sleep.. She said she would sleep in the floor!! The little girls had to sleep in the floor, and that B*tch wouldn't even give up a pillow for them! I was appalled at how ungrateful and inconsiderate she was.... Sorry I needed to rant : )
  • Too many times with my job....but one time really does stick in my mind......i had finished work, just got off the bus...and i was so skint at the time, when a lady in front of me had a roll of notes in her back pocket, they fell out and she walked into the pet shop...for a fleeting second i thought i would keep it, then thought 'nooo i can't' picked it up and ran in the shop after her, when i tapped her shoulder and passed it back to her, she just looked at me in a dead-pan fashion, took the cash and turned her back on me...fcuking liberties i say!! least she could have done was thank me, ungrateful biatchy!
  • It generally only bothers me when its someone im close with, as they are the only people that truly matter to me! A close friend on mine has a little girl and she was in a desperate situation and needed somewhere to stay, my bf wasnt keen but as he was going away for 5 weeks he agreed that she could stay (he doesnt like her) so she came to stay for 3 weeks, i cooked her meals, and hers daughters who is only 3, did all there washing and cleaning made their bed everyday, took them out, babysat when she needed some 'me' time etc, not once did she lift a finger to help, or offer to help and i didnt even get a thank you for all i did or letting her stay, then a few weeks later she wanted to stay again and when i said no, she called me a stuck up selfish bitch, and now wont even talk to me, so that pissed me of no end!
  • OH... so you know my inlaws?
  • Yes, dosn't happen too often to me, But I don't get people like that.
  • I saved a child from drowing years a ago on a family vacation I was on, the child was with some people a few camp sites down from us, the parents of this child never the whole time said thank you, I didnt need it but I was shocked, had someone saved my childs life I would have been beside myself with thanks for them.
  • Many times. I won't hold it against anyone unless it's a ritual for them to be that way.
  • yes. I happens to me.
  • It happens all the time to me...even just this morning. For me, though, I brush it off. I did the right thing and what goes around comes around....even if it takes YEARS to come back around! :)
  • Yes, but very often it's because of some type of interpersonal ineptness. It's best forgotten.

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