• Themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves, themselves and themselves. Nah I'm kidding. But girls do like to talk about themselves. Just ask a bunch of questions a look interested.
  • Doesn't matter...........what women love is some good eye contact.........believe me.......this works.
  • Whatever her top ten subjects are.
  • Religion, politics, sports, yourself....and repeat.
  • 1. Her 2. Whatever she wants to talk about. 3. Her job. 4. What she just talked about. 5. Her. 6. What she did yesterday. 7. Her family. 8. Her outfit. 9. Her 10. Her
  • all depends on the date, how far along into dating (is this the first time) - but for a typical first date, you gotta talk about the situation... if its a movie then how was it, or dinner, how was the food.. but some good topics on any date to bring up would be... 1. Television (what happened on her favorite chick flick show) 2. Her clothes and how incredible her fasion tastes are. 3. ask where she likes to shop and work from there... 4. what her family is like. 5. How her day was 6. How trashy that "slutty looking girl is" AKA how the girl that is prettier than her must be a slut and not your type at all. 7. What are her biggest daily problems (and pretend to care and then give a response to show how you are so sympathetic) 8. why she's single/ what happened to the last guy (This one helps us so we don't make the same mistakes lol) 9. Her views on politics and religion (just so you don't offend her with a joke or somehing) 10. Always be sure to bring up your "big break" in life that is coming... you know that new job that will make you rich, and set in life or whatever you're pushing to do.
  • Talk about what you like; ask what she likes. Ask her about her day; tell her about yours. Tell her a good/funny movie/tv show you saw; ask if she's seen it/what she's seen recently. Basically, ask her what you would want someone to ask you. You want to get to know her and viceversa. Just don't make it seem like an interrogation or an interview. Don't just ask a bunch of questions, let questions be the topic/starter that lead into discussions. Oh, and be relaxed; she'll be relaxed too and it'll go smoother.
  • Depends on whether you are more interesting or if she is more interesting. If you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, it is okay to ignore her and just talk about yourself. Otherwise, meaning if you recognize that you are not all that, talk about her!!!
  • What is with people saying just talk about her? I'm a girl, I wouldn't want to just talk about myself on a date. I want to know about him. To know if he's second date material. Have a two sided conversation, don't just listen to her blab about herself! Oy! How boring for the both of you.
  • in no particular order: 1. her family -what do her parents do -siblings? how do they get along? -pets? 2. her goals -education and what she wants to do for an occupation 3. what she likes to do for fun 4. her interests -eating? types of food? skiing? music preferences? clothing stores? shows on tv? movies? 5. how was her day -if it was bad, offer a back or hand massage (and a kiss on the hand after the hand massage). 6. If she could travel anywhere in the world, where? 7. how does she relax after a long day or when she's stressed? 8. what are her pet peeves what she disapproves of? -smoking? drinking? 9. her strong beliefs? -against abortion? against animal cruelty? doesn't have to be boring.. 10. what she expects out of someone (you don't have to mention her previous bad relationships as those could be sore spots and would kill the mood).. -reliability, trust, communication, etc 11. did she have any traveling experience? or any adventures that were amazing to her or that she loved?
  • Chelsea. Lager. sex. sex. sex. Sex. sex. sex. sex. Harry Potter.
  • ::eye roll:: lame
  • 1. Her family 2. What she likes to do. 3. Education/ Career 4. Music/ Movie interests 5. How pretty she looks 6. How she is/ how her day was 7. Habits: Does she smoke? Drink? (you need to know these) 8. Her beliefs 9. A little about you. :) 10. Her.HER.HER. It's ok to talk some about religion.. but only politics if she says she likes politics. Otherwise, no politics. Good luck! :D

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