• Am doing what I've wanted to do since I was like nine. Happy as a truck driver on the saddle.
  • My ideal job would be sitting in front of my computer all day making music videos of people's photos. I used to do that for a living but I moved back to Reno and the business license costs too much here. So I'm stuck counting other people's money all day. And I'm darn good at that.
  • Yes even though working in a Library has been quite stressful lately. I still Love my job and couldn't imagine doing anything else.
  • I'm very happy with what I do! I love teaching children. To see that little light finally come on when "they get it" and you feel......awsome. To be able to be a small part of sooooooo many lives!
  • I wish I were a computer network engineer, so I am not completely happy.

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