• I don't know the answer to your question, but as a US citizen, I have to say this... We, by popular vote, did not re-elect Bush. It is my opinion, and the opinion of many others, that something 'fishy' went on there, to say the very very least. Many votes were not counted, etc.
  • And one thing has to do with the You asked a legitimate question and then made the unnecessary statement to get your little "dig" in.
  • Not really sure but I have heard that there is an attitude in Canada of wanting to be free from U.S. influence. For instance at one time even a certain percentage or all music played on Canadian radio had to be of Canadian origin I think. The duties charged on goods shipped from the U.S. would bear this out as they are considerable.
  • Many things are shipped both ways the auto manufactures are among the highest. Many automobiles and trucks are assembled in Canada and many parts are manufactured for them. All Chrysler vans are assembled in Windsor, Ontario as are International trucks in another city. Most GM plastic parts are manufactured in Windsor, Ontario. Toyotas are also manufactured in Ontario.

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