• The Amorites were among the list of the sons of Canaan, They were, therefore, a Hamitic race. see Ge 10:6, 15, 16 In Abraham's time the king of Elam in coalition with three other kings raided to the S of Canaan and defeated some of the Amorites dwelling at Hazazon-tamar, thought to be located SW of the Dead Sea. Three Amorite men living near or in Hebron were then confederates of Abraham and as such aided him in pursuing and defeating the invading kings, thereby rescuing his nephew Lot. (Ge 14) Still, sometime thereafter God advised Abraham that when the error of the Amorites had finally come to completion,Abraham's descendants would return to Canaan from an alien land and would take possession of the Amorites' land.Ge 15:13-21. It is believed that the Amorites were a dominant tribe in Canaan. Some commentators consider the term "Amorites" as used at Genesis 15:16 and 48:22 to represent the peoples of Canaan as a whole. The Amorites do appear to have been the principal or dominant tribe in Canaan at the time of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. . If this is so, then it would be understandable that, at times, other subordinate and related tribes should be referred to under the name of the dominant tribe of the Amorites. Likewise, Jerusalem is said to be ruled by an Amorite king at Joshua 10:5 (compare Eze 16:3, 45) but is shown elsewhere to be inhabited by Jebusites.

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