• The Union Jack (Union Flag) is actually three flags in one: England, Scotland and Ireland. England is white with a vertical/horizontal red cross (The Cross of St. George). Scotland is blue with a diagonal white cross (The cross of St. Andrew). Ireland is white with diagonal red cross (The Cross of St. Patrick. The three flags put together create the Union Jack. These days I believe the national flag of Britain is the Union Jack, but there is/has been a specific English flag - St. George's cross. See the link provided for illustrations and more details.
  • No: such a flag would be redundant, as international relations are either undertaken by the constituent countries (England, Scotland and Wales), or the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Carmella - As briefly explained above, the Union Flag is not the British flag. It is the flag for the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Great Britain itself has no flag.
  • There is a flag for the United Kingdom (however it is used to represent Great Britain in the Olympics). British can also mean something or someone from the United Kingdom and is about the most accurate adjective you can use for it. The Union Flag leaves out Wales because when it was designed Wales did not have its own flag so it is represented under the St.Georges Cross.
  • look us up on google pics

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