• It doesn't have any hair, right? I think it's just callus. My dog has that too. I'm not an expert, of course.
  • Cyndi I pulled this from a website. It' an answer to a pink wart on someones dog:------------- Web link follows. "Hi, rm, 'Warts' is a very loosly applied word which can cover a whole lot of lumps, growths etc on the skin. True 'warts' or 'virus papillomata' as seen in humans are chronic mild virus infections, most commonly seen in children and in adults on immunosuppressive treatment after, fo example, a kidney, heart or liver transplant. Youngs dogs quite frequently become infected by a similar virus, and may suddenly grow literally hundreds of these warts all over the body - inside the mouth, on the lips, inside the ear flaps, and on the bare skin of the abdomen. They are totally harmless, and after a few eeks disappear as quickly as they came. The 'wart' on your poodle's head which 'burst' sounds to me more like a small sebaceous cyst, the discharge from which had hardened in the air, and when this was knocked or cut off by the groomer, the contents of the cyst escaped, giving the appearance of having 'burst'. A variety of skin tumours - melanomas, mast cell tumours, and others can all look like 'warts' to the untrained eye. If in any doubt, get your veterinary surgeon to have a look at them.",1153 I would take him to the vet just to be sure.
  • a vet would know, just take him to the vet

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