• There are mixed results. Some pros and cons when replacing sugar with honey. It depends on the individuals health and condition. Consider, Honey is a sweet, viscous fluid made by honeybees from the nectar of flowering plants. Honey is sweeter than sugar (100% sucrose), has more calories than sugar and raises the blood sugar even more than white sugar. Raw honey reportedly has medicinal benefits and contains enzymes and small amounts of minerals and B-complex vitamins. Note: It has been suggested that honey should not be given to children under the age of 18 months because their digestive tracts and immune systems are not yet developed enough for bacteria that may be present in honey. Honey Helpful for Healthy Individuals and Those with High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes In a series of experiments involving healthy subjects and those with either high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes, honey has proved itself the healthiest sweetener. For 15 days, 8 healthy subjects, 6 patients with high cholesterol, 5 patients with high cholesterol and high C-reactive protein (a risk factor for cardiovascular disease), and 7 patients with type 2 diabetes were given solutions containing comparable amounts of sugar, artificial honey or natural honey. In healthy subjects, while sugar and artificial honey had either negative or very small beneficial effects, natural honey reduced total cholesterol 7%, triglycerides 2%, C-reactive protein 7%, homocysteine 6% and blood sugar 6%, and increased HDL (good) cholesterol 2%. (Like C-reactive protein, homocysteine is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease.) In patients with high cholesterol, artificial honey increased LDL (bad) cholesterol, while natural honey decreased total cholesterol 8%, LDL cholesterol 11%, and C-reactive protein 75%. And in patients with type 2 diabetes, natural honey caused a significantly lower rise in blood sugar than either dextrose or sucrose (refined sugars). So, enjoy a little honey in your morning coffee, lunchtime yogurt or afternoon cup of green tea. Looks like a daily spoonful of honey may help your need for medicine go down.
  • Honey is a natural substance,processed through honey bees.It is definately the healthiest for you.Next to that would be pure maple syrup.Sugar is usually made from beets which is the worst for your health.Sugar cane is a little better but is still not so good.I have cut all sugar out of my diet.Ido not eat any processed foods and therefore no sugars.Only natural sugars from honey,and fresh fruits,I have been eating.I have never felt more healthy and alive.Our ancestors eat less than 1/10th of the sugar than we consume today.I believe they were considerably healthier.
  • In addition to the answers above, unrefined sugars (like the sugar in fruits and) found in nature are much better for you than refined (bagged) sugar.
  • Yes, Honey is healthier as it is a natural source. Inrefined sugar is good for you, other than refined sugar is very fattening

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