• I don't know that this is a verifiable fact. It is probably more of a cliche perpetrated by sit-com TV to get laughs.
  • Its a competition between winning a man's love, the wife with affection, and everything else that comes with marrige, and the mother with the fact that a mom always has a special place in a guy's heart.
  • Interference? *shrugs* I never had a problem with mine - but she hated my guts; I 'stole' her only son. Good lord. I 'killed her with kindness' and today (I've been divorce from 'her son' for over 15 years) we are more than civil to each other. I figure if you're sickeningly sweet and she's a b*tch, it makes her look the fool. Works every time. :-)
  • I don't hate mine. I find her irritating sometimes, but as far as MILs go, she's pretty good. It has to do with no woman ever being good enough for Mommy's boy. So, MILs interfere and still try to take control.
  • Have you ever MET my mother?!?! 'Nuff said. And out of curiosity -- what does atheism have to do with hating your in-laws?
  • Because they are the original biotch and they don't want you to take their crown away. IT will be mine!!!!
  • I haven't a clue, maybe they are jealous of each other and then can only see the worst in each other. I deeply love my MIL and always have. I've spent more time with her than my own mother since I've gotten married and always enjoyed her humor and company. We used to take her once a year on vacation with us, backpacking for 2 weeks out in the wilderness. It was the highlight of her year and I'm so sorry she is too old and fragile to go now at age 94:-(
  • I dont think people WANT to hate thier MIL naturaly, but those emotions stem from the treatment MIL's give thier daughter in laws. The more dislike a DIL has for her MIL, is usualy do to the treatment that they recieve from them. People REAP what they SOw, and mother in laws tend to try to grow hateful DIL's because they cant LET GO. I have the same problem, but I dont hate her anymore. Mother's that have problems with you are very not so nice people inside and nice to everyone ELSE on the outside, other than DIL. adivce: get a network of positive people and distance yourself from a 'toxic' MIL. It might destroy your relationship with your spouse in the future, and thats more imporatnt than fighting with the woman of many shades.
  • sheisnot my MIL but shes my bfs mom. i like her alot. she has a good heart. also she raised my boyfriend well.
  • The only real strife between me and my mother in law was because of the competition my husband kept trying to set up. I don't think he was aware that he was doing it, but he would constantly compare my way of doing things with hers. Even if I was doing something much better, somehow I always fell short in his eyes. I began to resent her, although she was a sweet lady who loved everyone.
  • I think that there is usually a reason, my x-mother in law and I had our issues and it was because she tried to control me and my x-husband. We had our great moments but that was when we were doing what she thought we should do....kinda like my own mother which I no longer talk to. My current mother in law is great! We are close and I think that over time we will become closer.
  • Mainly because the mother-in-laws hate them. Many women want to keep their little boys, forever. Or perhaps marry them off to a woman they think is good enough.
  • I have no idea. I love mine.
  • I can only say why I was so miserable with mine. I was insecure as a wife and mother at 18 and she kept telling me what and how I should do it. They dropped in without calling. Called every day . . . both mother and father-in-law . . . afraid I wasn't taking good enough care of him . . . giving him his vitamins, fixing him breakfast, etc., etc. This was 1960. You can be happy you weren't living during that time . . . everything was about the guy. We wives did get to stay home and maybe go to a Tupperware party once in awhile.
  • It reminds them of what they're going to be like one day
  • Do the majority of women hate their mother in laws? I've not seen any hard statistics on this. I didn't get along with my mother in law. The reason is that she had an idea of what I should be as my (now ex) husband's wife, which had nothing to do with anything I'd agreed to (or would ever agree to). In fact, I'd stated clearly at the beginning of our relationship that I would not do these things. I had the idea of an equal partnership. She thought I should "take better care" of my husband, which included cooking for him, doing his laundry, cleaning the house...with little to no help from him. She'd also come into my house and start re-arranging my kitchen. Sorry, not happening. The bottom line is that she didn't respect me as an individual, nor respect my boundaries.
  • My mother in law is AWESOME! She's only second best to my own mom.
  • My mother adored all three of hers, although the sons, not so much.
  • No. I think the majority of women come to love their mothers in law. Sometimes there is a little competition, but it usually wears off.

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