• Its their subconscious mind with either unfinished business or a personal problem, the sleeper had, before going to sleep. When special agents, of the u.s. government have surgery, another agent stands-by in the operating room. people also talk in their sleep under sedation.
  • Sometimes the words in a persons dream come out loud. For more info:
  • Wrong one it is supposed to be:
  • Sleep-talking actual (scientific) name is "Somniloquy". It is caused by temporary arousals (or peeks) during the NREM and REM phases of sleep, which stands for Rapid Eyes Movement. This is the phase when we have dreams, and the neuron activity is quite similar to the activity registered during the time we are awake. So basically some people's brain (actually 5% of adults, and 50% of children) "confuse" the REM with being AWAKE and talk in their sleep actually vocalizing out loud what they are saying in their dreams. Somniloquy has neither side effects nor generate health problems. The most common issue with sleep-talkers is that they awake their partners or other residents of the same house, which is also caused by people that snores loudly. Somniloquy in some people is unintelligible and in others is very clear. Not all people that talk sleeping are Somniloquers, as people without it can talk sleeping from time to time, usually when they have nightmares or suffer from night-terrors. In these cases more than talking is screaming.
  • i have a related question. i talk in my sleep. my boyfriend and my family have conversations with me while i sleep. they find it funny. i can recall what we talk about cause im also dreaming it as it happens. how normal is this? i also have dreams of things before they happen and have deja vu all the time. especially right before a major life change. i remember my dream as i have deja vu for instance i told my ex about the house we would live in but 2yrs later i walk into the house with my new boyfriend. i can recall my dreams and talk to people while i sleep and i remember when i wake up. how usual is this?
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