• Your concern is understandable, but turning to strangers on the net for information or reassurances isn't a good idea. The chances that anything posted here would actually relate to whatever is going on with you are very low because there are so many differences in each woman and each pregnancy. In the meantime, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to the highs and lows of anything anyone might post here. Since you've already had one successful pregnancy, I'd say to put your fears out of your mind as best you can until your test results are back and your doctor can tell you more about what's happening.
  • Anytime you're bleeding and pregnant, then this is cause for concern. I would highly recommend seeing your doctor. Good luck!
  • yes. it is totally normal. dont stress unless it is alot of blood followed by cramping.but blood here and there is normal.
  • It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy, however it can happen, occasionally, and as others said, PLEASE call your OBGYN to get seen, to insure all is ok
  • Spotting (which is small amounts of blood) is normal during pregnancy,have even heard of women having small periods during pregnancy.BUT...You should make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can because you can NEVER be to careful.
  • I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and just spotted for the first time today after a bowel movement. Very concerned. The doc just sent me for a blood test to check my levels and a repeat in two days time. I am so nervous, as we have been trying to fall pregnant for a year. I have endometriosis aswell, so I guess I am at a higher risk of miscarriage. I had a cramp last night, but it only lasted for about 30 seconds, so I hope I am not miscarrying.....I would recommend you see your doc asap.....
  • no, it is not normal and you need to contact your doctor immediatley.
  • Only your doctor knows enough about you to say if this is ok. Please call your doctor right away.
  • yes. it's called implatation bleeding. if you feel uncomfortable, though, see your dr tomorrow.
  • PLEASE get to the doctor ASAP!
  • hey im 5 weeks pregnant and i have been light bleeding off and on.I went to the Doctor and they did some blood test on me, my blood was good. But they still wanted to to an ultrasound.But they couldnt see the baby or hear its heartbeating,But they could see the sack. The Doctor, wants me to come in next friday for another ultrasound..I hope everything is goin to be ok!! This will be my 2nd child..My daughter was perfect.. Im kinda scared, but i hope the babys just too small right now to see anything!
  • I spotted while pregnant , Ive had 4 kids . This sound like the norm from my point of view
  • bleeding as in 'oops-I-cut-myself-and-splattering-blood all-over-the-place-hunting-for-a-bandaid' kind of bleeding or 'Pricking-a-finger-for-a-drop-or-two-of-blood' kind of bleeding? IF it is bleeding as in a constant flow, then rush to the ER NOW - don't even close this page. If it is second then call your doctor and set up same day or next day visit for a simple exam to make certain that nothing is out of the ordinary. Some women do 'spot' bleed during pregnancy for various reasons. So its 'normal' in that it happens.
  • I am also around my 5th week and have been bleeding rather heavily for the past 3 days. It started out a darker red on Sunday afternoon, Sunday nite it was bright red, Monday morning with clumps of blood. It is now Tuesday and my bleeding continues. I have reason to believe I've had a miscarriage.
  • Go and see your doctor Immediately.

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