• I have a list of things that I do to feel better: I take my medicine. I use my nasal spray. Use my allergy eye drops. Take a hot shower. Pull my hair up completely off my face. Drink hot tea and/or water. Then, if all else fails, I go to bed.
  • I take a huge crap, that makes me feel better
  • I take allergic medications as recommended by my physician. Avoid triggers that are responsible for producing allergic reaction.
  • Anonymous hit most of them! Good job! I'd like to add that you should shower, rinse your hair and change clothes when you come in the house. But I guess it depends on your triggers. I'm a big proponent of comedy. So I might put a comedy on Netflix. And while I don't remember feeling this badly over allergies since getting medication, when I feel really badly I sleep. When I first read this question my immediate thought was I'd just be glad I don't have cancer! Its a perspective changer for sure!

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