• The Greeks and Romans were both advanced for their times.
  • The Egyptians definitely have made us wonder.They keep our minds going.
  • I would say the Romans because they were very advanced for their time.
  • The Romans , Egyptians and Greeks were all advanced . For me the Romans had to be on the ball anyone that could invent central heating of houses 2000 years ago get a vote from me.
  • The Greeks were the most advanced.They came up with the ideas of know thyself. And learning the value of individual achievement. Because of this philosophy the Greeks were instrumental in the development of arts, science, athletics, democracy and medicine. We look to them to this day, so I would say they were very advanced.
  • The ancient Chinese civilization gets my vote, based on two inventions - paper and gunpowder.
  • ... another vote for the Chinese ... Yes, I feel they were advanced.
  • Egyptian, I think there were more advance civilizations whose knowledge was lost and therefore not influential.
  • The Indians of India. Visit my blog for more information:
  • Egypt or Israel. Hands down.
  • I'd say the romans, or if you are thinking hypothetically, Atlantians but for practical thinking romans ruled most of the world so i'd say them.
  • I think very advanced civilizations influenced many of the world's ancient civilizations. They in turn, influenced much of what we have today. Some of the greatest feats of engineering and architecture have been lost to antiquity.
  • Well, the obvious would be the Greeks, but I personally think the Mongols were some of the most influential. It was not as "ancient" as the Greeks, but they were able to unite a huge territory, influence China and change cultures allover the world. They were the first empire to really allow religious freedom and establish many laws that we even have now. And Ghengis Khan was a barbarian in every sense of the word, but he was very brilliant as a military leader.
  • The Egyptians were by far one of the most advanced civilizations.... There are now theories in place that explain the pyramids more fully, the water content in the centers of the blocks of limestone is to high, they now surmise that the egyptians had discovered concrete, ( this would explain how the pyramids were built rather quickly for such heavy things that they are!) Also the egyptians were performing sucessful surgeries and dentistry far before, we had the old barber/dentists in Europe. Its quite a fascinating culture. Their religion, astronomy, and general sciences are quite phenominal for the time that they lived, even to small details such as lining up the pyramids with the stars at certain points in the year... truly fascinating. But of course one cannot forget to mention the Romans... they did invent duct tape among other advances :D
  • Israel. If you doubt it, just think about it for 2 minutes.
  • It's impossible for me to choose. Each time I think of on civilization that stands out for one thing I also come up with another substantial contribution from another. There are just too many civilizations that made world changing discoveries and contributions Humanity has made incredible advances which we never would have made individually.

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