• WAAAaaaay back - Wresting with friends on school grounds while walking home from school. (Elementary) [EDIT] Once called a teacher a bitch by accident. (Leaving convo... girl a head shorter than me behind me kept pushing and said "MOVE IT". Said "I'm going as fast as I can, bitch." Started slapping me on the back, saying "Oh Oh... You're going to the office." On stairs to office, as I was planning my escape, someone called to her by name, "Hey, Mrs. K___", and I thought "Great... NOW I'm in for it." In office she told vice principle what I'd called her and said, "I don't think he knew I'm a teacher." VP said, "It doesn't matter... He shouldn't call ANY girl that." Got one whack with a ... Frat paddle. Was more worried as I left the office that friends would know I got it, and my parents would find out. No one did until I told my parents when I was about 25! LOL
  • Looking for pictures online for a presentation in 7th grade I ended up on a website that had the words "black naked women" and somebody told the teacher so I wasn't allowed to use the computer. This was even after I explained that there were no pictures and just the words.
  • hmmm, so many things to choose from! Guess the first biggish-one was smoking in the girls room.. that one earned me a suspension.
  • I got caught drawing pictures of nude people in fifth grade and lost recess for a whole week.
  • I was such a "goodie good" that I never got in terrible trouble at school. I guess I liked structure and it felt good to know the rules. I've never been an "acting out" type of person . . . except when I get really angry.
  • I went to a Christian school and got myself kicked out for "shock" taking some BAD music to a school camp. Plus I was dating someone who didn't go to our church they didn't like me anyway and YES I was trying to get kicked out, I hated the school. My parents were not happy with me at all. Looking back I would have done the same thing just sooner!
  • Worst thing caught, drinking a beer in band, probably. Worst thing not caught, so many but would have to say setting the building on fire. Also let thousands of roaches loose by the cafeteria. I'm feeling a lot better now and don't do things like that no more.
  • Only poor grades. I didn't become a good student until after I dropped out of school, spent two enlistments in the Army, and then went back to college with an expectant wife.
  • Ummm...well i was a bit naughty, me and some friends on our lunch break down our local park and we set fire to the public toilets, we got caught and got summoned to the head's office...very naughty.
  • Uh, I asked the teacher in front of the whole class if he had a real teaching certificate. If he was qualified to teach the class, or if he got a hand up from his buddy the principle and his wife the head guidance counselor.
  • For believing, trusting and trying to help someone I cared for out
  • I almost got it for manslaughter, it turned out to be a person with my same exact name, that lived in the same city, they just had the wrong person, they noticed when I came to court and I was Causcasion, they were looking for an African American, there had been an eye witness.
  • Most consequences, I say a DUI.

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