• I love to cuddle, a crisp cold early morning, on a saturday morning , yeah ! And most of my partners like the extra heat I give off, I'm kinda hot blooded i guess, I wear t-shirts through the fall, and only wear a blue jean jacket in the winter. aaayyyy
  • I don't always cuddle, but I always keep contact with my most beloved. In the winter, I cuddle, but when it is hot I just keep a hand upon her. Contact is good. I like contact. :)
  • My hubby and I snuggle on and off through the night. He's cold-blooded and I'm hot-blooded... so there's always a temperature barrier there... Constant battle, but it's nice, really.
  • My s/o and I are big on cuddling. We normally go to bed really close, but throughout the night, we usually move apart and do our own thing. Regardless, I always have to have some body part touching him and vice versa :)
  • i love to cuddle after sex but my boyfriend does not fancy it but he does cause he knows that is what i like.
    • Crazychick
      He doesn't fancy it because he knows that's what you like? That's not very nice of him, is it? Why doesn't he do it especially for you because he knows you like it?
  • i love it but my partner doesnt. When he falls asleep with his back to me i become so wide awake all of a sudden and then think waaay too much and get myself all upset about STUPID things and insomnia just takes over. However when i ask him to cuddle me i fall asleep within minutes no problemo.
  • yes, we do love to cuddle ... it's one of the perks of a long-term relationship, years of cuddling
    • Crazychick
  • I'm a huge contact lover- I like to cuddle, hug, play twister, and have general platonic contact with people of either gender. I'd love to spend time cuddling, and as long as both of us were in a comfortable position and able to fall asleep I'd love to cuddle while sleeping with a significant other.
  • we both do i dont know about you but i always fall asleep faster and sleep better :)
  • No. I feel like I'm being smothered. I need space to roll over as I can only lay on one side so long before it hurts. Most of my partners have been good with this. You cuddle a little and then roll over and sleep alone. The one person who couldn't get this didn't last very long cause I couldn't get any sleep.
  • I like to cuddle, but my wife doesn't like to feel smothered so it takes me time to fall asleep because I have never been in a relationship where the other person didn't like to fall asleep with their s/o in their arms, i just gotta get used to it.
  • I used to not like it, because I move around a lot and kick in bed. My husband was always too hot. Now that he is gone, I would chop off my left hand to be able to hold him for a night.
  • i personally like to cuddle when i'm asleep with my boyfriend. i think he likes it to some degree. sometimes i end up pushing him out of the bed, but i like to feel close to him so that's why i do it.
  • No i dont like it,i like to be able to move and not feel trapped:)
  • we both would love to but neither of us could handle the heat or mugginess.
  • Absolutely love to feel her pressed against my body at night.
  • Aha... I have big problem with that... I am always VERY hot and she is cold all the time... Now that the winter is here she wants to cuddle and that is a problem to me... How is go around? Yes, I will take for as long as I can, but usually she get very hot from me and turn to the other side.
  • Oh yeah cuddling at night is the best and I think he likes it too he makes noises in the middle of the night when I curl up with him. But I do make his arm fall asleep a lot tehe! I dunno if it would be a problem if one didnt want to! I would expect you would need to talk about it and find an alternative. Like cuddling before you fall sleep and then move your seperate ways when one wants to fall asleep! :)
  • We usually cuddle for a bit, then it's off to our separate sides of the bed. When it's really cold, I snuggle up to him for warmth and usually fall asleep like that :) I think we like it equally and we both also like our space, so that's good.
  • It has been so long since I slept with anyone besides one of my girls when I have a house full...I don't know the answer...
  • Yes, we both like to cuddle.
  • I love to cuddle with my husband, and he loves it as well.
  • Yes but doesn't often happen as he comes to bed almost always later. And when we do I migrate away in my sleep and always wake up separated.

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