• There's not much difference between them. They both record data and video, and they both read back data and play back video. Both formats are available as recordable drives for computers and as home video recorders. In spite of claims that one format is more compatible with players and drives, both formats are similarly compatible. Most new equipment supports both formats.
  • The main functional differences between DVD-R and DVD+R are: 1) the DVD recorder's built-in defects management, 2) the way the recorders format and rewrite DVDs, 3) what dvd players (for your TV) will play them. For the average consumer the only thing to consider is if a certain format will play on all the dvd player devices you own (and do you care). So for example, if you want to create movies that can be played on your dvd player attached to your TV and it only accepts DVD+R, then that's the format you'd want to use. If all you're doing is making backup discs of folders and files on your PC, either one will do.

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