• Generally, between parents and children. No matter how we hate our parents or our kids we can't divorce them. The bond would always be there. Blood is STILL thicker than water.
  • It depends on how old the children are. When my kids were little I would have left my husband if it came between them and him. Now that they are grown, I wouldnt do that, I just wouldnt get in whatever was going on. If he said they couldnt live here I would understand. But if I ended up having to raise my grand daughter and my husband said no, I'd leave him and do it on my own.
  • I think between parent and children is stronger, although I know that there are going to be some spouses that are exceptionally loving with each other.
  • I think it's a different kind of love because of the dependency of children for one thing. If I had a husband I would love him and treasure him in all the ways a wife should, but if I could only save either him or my child, it would be my child. And I think he would make the same choice because he is my imaginary perfect husband. I think in todays world we have a tendency to focus so hard on our children and the prevailing attitude is a little militant "he better not try to come between me and my kids" even when they're his kids too. I think men are just that way when they have kids from a previous marriage. I think couples don't work as hard on being a couple when their kids are young and unfortunately when the kids get older they may be so out of sync that the bond between them is gone forever. But what do I know, I've been single for the past 14 years.
  • I think this maybe different from person to person. Depending on the respect level we have. We all grow up seeing this different levels of love because we fail to see that things such as instinct and obligation are blended into what many of us see as a makeup for love. We become confused as it is not the overwhelming love for our children that is the strength behind our drive but the instinct to protect them and keep them safe because we love them so much. Whereas the instinct is not there with a spouse. Although the level of love is the same when asked of course instinct will kick in for most cases and make it appear the love is stronger. I say the love if all other factors are removed would be the same.
  • I don't think either is stronger. I think they are different kinds of love. The love I have for my husband is passionate as well as caring, respectful, fun, etc. The love I have for my son stems from nuturing as well as caring, repectful, etc.
  • If two people are really in love then it would be stronger than a parents love for a child. As a parent you love your children from day one but your child is conciously unable to return that love for quite sometime. A spouse, if truely in love can return your love instantly.
  • I think in most healthy functional relationships the love will be distinctly different, but of equal strength.
  • I personnaly believe that the Love relationship between parent and child is the strongest. Spouses can separate if they wish, but their Love for their children remains strong.
  • In my opinion, it's the love of a parent for a child. I would certainly throw myself in front of a moving vehicle for my children but would probably throw my husband in front of the moving vehicle(just kidding), but I really don't know if I would do that for him.
  • that depeneds on the the relation ship in both cases, for me it is definately my mom and step dad
  • Mothers to children without a doubt in my experience
  • I love my kids more than anything or any one!They come above all else! : ))
  • I'm going to say between a parent &'s a unique connection by far!
  • It depends... How long have children and parents been together? How much do they depend on each other? If you ask between happy spouses who have been together for 40 years and drug addicted violent childdren, it may become a little trickier.
  • My word, what a question!! I can only draw from my own experience. I would protect my husband in a pinch, but I would KILL to protect my children. Where love leaves off and instinct begins, I haven't a clue, but there's my answer anyway.
  • hi miri, the love that a parent has toward their children is usually the strongest bond. having become a parent, i have a better idea how much god must love us. the love i feel toward a romantic partner or spouse is different. we'll keep your grandmother in our prayers.
  • There is a different kind of love for each type. The love of a parent differs from the love of a spouse...mainly because of physical/sexual attraction.
  • You can replace most spouses, but there is only that one child. you can have many children but each is so different. beside a child comes from YOU, a spouse comes from your choice.

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