• I think it depends on wher you live in the world. United states..25+ sounds good. In the jungles of Brazil...14?
  • Mid-twenties is the best ages in my opinion.
  • As old as your tongue and a little bit older than your teeth.
  • i think 30 is a good age to get married it is an age where guys arent so laddish and want a serious relationship and kids and usually have a career by then.
  • According to some experts, no one should get married younger than 25 years old. The divorce rate drops dramatically when people marry for the first time after turning 25.
  • I was in my 30's when I got married.I'm glad that I waited:)
  • I was 22 and was fine with that; my wife was 23 and already felt like an old maid. (Her feelings had a lot to do with our Christian subculture, though; ymmv.) I think the bottom line is that if you’re both adults and genuinely mature enough to make such a decision, you should be fine. That having been said, I would *strongly* recommend dating for at least a year and being engaged for at most six months. (Seriously, six months is *more* than enough time for any engagement.) The year or more preceding it, though, is because you need to make sure you really want to spend the rest of your life (and preferably the rest of eternity) with that person, before making that kind of commitment. Marital intimacy is certainly important, but you can’t build a successful marriage on nothing but physical attraction. My wife and I are still together after ten years not just because of the intimacy but because we’re each other’s best friends in the world. In closing, let’s be frank: marriage is a *lot* of work, even if it initially doesn’t seem like it will be. It won’t be that long before the initial infatuation mellows and you’re left to carry on without it. If you both just remember to keep both eyes open before marriage and one eye closed thereafter, you should be fine. :-)
  • Old enough to make a mature decision on what you're doing -- and to know you're getting married for the right reasons. This varies depending on the person. Some are mature enough at 18, although very few. I would say that most for most people, mid-20's is about when they hit maturity, and that has given them enough time to experience most of what they want as a single adult, as well.
  • roughly 105.
  • well i dont plan on getting married till im out of the army so about 27
  • I don't think there's a magical age, I think it's a maturity and wisdom level. I think one should get married once they realize that it's not about a wedding, it's about a marriage. You know, all that stuff that comes AFTER the pretty white dress and the cake and flowers. Yeah, that. I think people should know that it really does take work, and communication. I probably wouldn't go any lower than 18, but I think 18 would be the exception to the age rule, not the majority.
  • Not when you're too young like 18 or 19, but when you're stomach and cheeks drag down to the floor I think you are too old.
  • That is totally based on each individual.
  • Well there are factors like how you were brought up and your culture. I believe that you need to be 23 to 26 to get married. That way you have lived some of your adult life and have *hopefully* developed some adult maturity that allows you to generally know where your life is going.
  • It really depends on the parties involved. I was 20 when I got married and we just celebrated our 8th Anniversary. I truly know that I married my soul-mate!
  • The pastor who spoke at the marriage of my sister, startled me with this opening words: marriage is not for children. I did not understand fully then but I know now. It is not how old you must be before you may contemplate marriage. You are ready when you know the demands and responsibilities of that institution and are prepared and willing to shoulder them.
  • Age doesn't matter. the only thing that matters is weather or not you love each other.
  • I was 39 and my wife was 24. Both old enough.
  • I was 33.
  • Women 25 men 30 or more.

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