• I have had a good life. I made most of the goals I have set for myself. I have made mistakes but I have also made amendments and resolved those mistakes. So yeah I am proud of all I have achieved. Good question
  • I am a people person. I have helped a few people realize that it is more important to live for tomorrow than to die today from suicide. They love me for it. If i died today, I would feel that i have had a full and wonderful life. i would hope my family would serve cake and ice cream at my funeral.
  • three things, really 1)I won the Wisconsin State Division III Cross Country Meet, but I'm more proud of myself for taking out Wrestling, getting pinned a lot, but having the balls to still step into that ring and try my hardest. 2)Putting Together a PC. I'm building one right now and all that needs to be installed is the graphics card. 3)Getting the most amazing girl in the world to go out with me.
  • Right this second? Not losing it on my boss when she gave me the latest round of payroll changes - people getting pay raises when there is supposedly no money for raises and for reasons that nobody else would get a raise for...
  • Raising my far
  • not really, to be honest i wish i couldve accomplished more
  • not really, to be honest i wish i couldve accomplished more
  • Not even a little bit. I'm an embarrassment to myself, my family, my college & my HS.

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