• Seeing my ex for the first time after she lowered the hammer on my ass.
  • When the s/o and I almost split. I felt as if I'd had the carpet pulled out from under me.
  • last week - my 8 year old cut his forehead - had to have 7 stiches. Head wounds bleed so bad. 2 days later he had a 103.6 temperature. (not related) He had the flu. poor kid
  • When my son rolled his suv three times totaling it.
  • Well its kinda gross but my sister and i share a shower and she has genital herpes and i do not well i guess she ran out of razors and decided to use min and di not tell me till about a week later and so i was concerned that i had maybe gotten it so i went in for an exam and i am clean i was so scared so that is my last bigggest scare.....
  • My computer wouldn't turn on. It my ultimate gaming console and it wouldn't even boot up. I found out today it was desconnected from the wall's outlet. Thank God.
  • I had a tad bit of a throat infection 'coupla weeks ago, so I headed over to the doctors for a checkup. This is probably going to sound really odd, but I dont enjoy it whatsoever when the doctors tell you to stick your tongue out whilst they examine the back of your throat & tonsils with that horribly bland utensil. I've had auto-gag reactions more subtle than those bloody evaluations.. Anyways immediately after doing so, the doctor blurts out 'hmmm, its a pretty severe bout of tonsilitis...', And so in a fit of frenzy imagining the worst I grab myself below the chin and ask the doctor 'OMG so what is this thing under my head??!'... Very nonchalantly he replies, 'That is your neck Mr. Durante, relatively good news for you' Im fine now btw..
  • I would rather not say. But thanks for asking.
  • Finding out I had Diabetes when I got pregnant. Then losing the baby and the Diabetes staying as a part of my life forever. Still shicked and scared!
  • the 3rd of may i started having chest pains and spent three days in the hospital. At first they thought I was having a heart attack but decided it was a viral infection
  • Earlier this week as about 3:00 in the morning I stopped at the gas station for smokes(I was not drinking!) When I got back into my truck my heart started to race and I got lightheaded I don't really remember the rest of my drive home(about 40 min drive!!!)I just remember being on my street and pulling into my driveway! I am pretty sure it was a panic attack but it has been many years since I had one of those. If it happens again I will be taking my ass straight to the Dr.
  • For me was receiving a call from my brother, who was going through a depression at the time, very late at night saying he was going to end his life. He didn't. But it was very scary.
  • When I recently thought I might have inadvertently said something on Answerbag that offended somebody or, caused them to realise what an ignorant, insensitive jackass, I am, when I have tried so diligently to cultivate a new image for myself, one I can live with and be proud of.
  • yesterday my siste called and said my apt was on fire - so i ran home - but the tv station was filming the apt across the street from where the fire was and my complex was okay - my cat was a nervous wreck tho -
  • I guess that was just one and a half weeks ago when my husband got his back injury. I heard a loud groaning and moaning out side and he was lying underneath his motorcycle. His lower back and given out, torn, as he was trying to hold the bike from falling down towards him as he backed it up. He's sort of okay, walking around now, on meds, but can't go back to work yet. It's very scary to hear your husband so much in pain:-(
  • Not graduating when I wanted to. I'm going to have to graduate a semester late, I think.

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