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  • How old are you anyway? If you like someone, tell them. Now! What if he gets hit by a truck tomorrow and you never took the opportunity to tell them how you feel. If the feelings are not reciprocated, don't worry about it. You would have been honest to yourself, thoughtful to him and tried to sieze the moment.
  • im 16 im scared to tell him because he wont have the same feelings for me andf ever since i told him the guy I like blah blah.....he doesnt talk to me that much..I dont know whats up....btw how do I know if hes interested keeep in mind this is ONLINE
  • plus this society is sooo freaken shallow and superficial....but he claims hes not like that..hah i doubt it..
  • So follow the advice he gave you. It's not worth tormenting yourself--tell him you like him and see what happens. If he doesn't return your feelings, it's better to know now. The heartbreak will only be worse if you wait. And if he *does* like you, then isn't it better to be happy *now* than to risk not being happy in the future? Carpe diem!
  • well said!!...idk im a bit old fashioned and wait for the guy to start chasing i would want the guy to ask me out not vice versa
  • ONLINE? Wow, then just say it. What's the worst he can do, log off? I'm not that old but when I was young I wish I had the safety of AIM to tell my crush how I felt. (no offense)
  • hm should i send him a message or wait for him to talk..
  • Well, just tell him. It doesn't matter whether or not he knows or whether or not he's understanding your hints. Be honest, not subtle. Tell him you like him. You obviously want him to know. At least, it seems like you really want him to know anyway..
  • i do I truly do but I want him to say someting first....
  • Don't wait for him. Guys usually aren't smooth or aware because they don't practice those skills. You gotta swing him in.

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