• It can easily be altered with transformers. Its voltage can be bumped up to transmit it efficiently across vast distances. It's piss easy to generate. It is well useful for motors, heaters and the like. Something like 95% odd of all motors are AC. It's mag field is constantly varying, so won't give a permanent mag field in hard iron. It can't really be used in conventional electronics and often needs to be converted into DC. Eddy currents in surrounding material can decrease the efficiency. Calculations are a tad more difficult since they are time varying and oft involve complex maths.
  • The advantage of AC is that it can be carried further throughmuch smaller wires and transformers without losing to much power.You can't do that with DC. The disadvantage of AC is it can kill you and generating it creates a lot of pollution.
  • I'm not sure in what context you mean but AC cannot be stored in a battery. So if you "go solar" and want to use AC appliances you'll need an inverter which looses energy in the conversion. Solar panels put out DC.

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