• OMG - that was the best stuff!!! I don't see it anywhere as well.
  • I forgot about that stuff! I only remember orange flavor though.
  • Came in a tall can...great stuff! They stopped making it in the 90's. I've been searching for it online for years. The closet thing I've found is a similar product was sold in vending machines in Asia, and there were a few movie theaters years ago that sold it at the concession stand. Trust me, I've been searching for at least 8 yrs for it (was searching for it again just now when I found your post!) Sorry friend...
  • I don't remember it.
  • I used to love Hi-C! Especially on a hot summer day.
  • 1-26-2017 Wikipedia says they changed the formula and dropped several colors because they stained clothing. Overall, the story sounds kinda sad. But a search turns up several dealers offering peach with the Minute-Maid brand. Hi-C and Minute Maid are both owned by Coca Cola.

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