• A WWII hand grenade in Florida !!! ??? !!! You or whoever came up with that story CANNOT be serious. And I do NOT think hand grenades could be classed as valuables... they are freakin' dangerous. OK, now that I got that off my chest...I have never found anything with a metal detector because I do not own one of them things. It would not appeal to me to wonder around the country side wasting my time searching for things with a metal detector.
  • cool, glad it didnt blo up but before somr ant to add 2 cents, remember in the 1940s they iped out nips in pill boxes and heavy nazi guns at normandy. good bless our vets from the big war2
  • Yes, I am a metal detector owner and an artifact hunter. It's impossible to trace where the grenade came from but I am sure there are a few around. I spent a few years on the island of Okinawa detecting WWII artifacts. Okinawa was one of the largest land battles of WWII. It was not hard to find UXO or unexploded ordnance as it is known. The island is littered with shrapnel and every time I went out I found loads of stuff, rifle cartridges, artillery shells and hand grenades. The worst place is probably Thailand, where there are thousands of explosives being found. As far as valuable stuff, the folks in the UK find artifacts that date back hundreds of years.
  • I have a box of silver coins, 15 or so from the 1940's back to the 1890's I found as well as 5 gold rings. I haven't gone out a whole lot but I have been fairly lucky the few times I have, Oh, I found a bunch of Chinese Feng shuei coins too, I have no Idea wht they were doing in Washington state and why so many were in one small area.
  • Yep gold and money.
  • no and i hope i never find anything like that

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