• I am a sales guy. I have to sell with ethics because I expect to sell to the same people next year as well. I try to establish myself as a trusted adviser to my customers. i am the expert in the field for my customers. They know their business, but I know the industry and trends. If I come into contact with a one-time sales event like buying a TV from Best Buy or Circuit City, I do not trust them. They don't have a vested interest to sell me what I need. Their interest is in selling the target item and getting a commissions check.
  • yes i do,i can easily know if i am being lied to and i make it known to them.sales in general have an amount of dishonesty,the problem arises when the salesperson goes overboard on making the sale.
  • Yes... Unless they try to "hard sell" me, or threaten that this is the only time the discounts they offer will be offered.
  • Trust them to know the product they're selling and to want to sell it to you no matter what.
  • I trust no one, let alone a sales person. They are con artists, especially people selling a used car.
  • I don't trust sales people that are selling large ticket items to individuals. I trust sales people more, that are reliant upon repeat business.
  • I let very few people in so it doesn't matter what one does for a living. I trust some sales people,the poor honest ones.
  • It depends. I knew a guy who sold audio recording gear who was honest as the day is long. His idea was 'if you are honest you get repeat customers, if you try to sell people something they don't need to make a quick buck they won't come back'. He was right. We were repeat customers and he eventually became the sales manager of that department. I have had sales people try to get one over on me. I was looking for a new twin mattress for my sons bed. I went to this one place and asked the guy what he had. He takes me directly to a $500 mattress, not a set just the mattress. So I asked if he had anything less then that and he showed me a thin piece of crap for $150 or so. So then I asked him for something in between. He shows me something for $20 which wasn't worth it at all. As my husband and I were walking out the door he was yelling out prices lower and lower. I went next door to another place and got a GREAT mattress (highly superior) for just about the same price.
  • I will take their opinions with small measure of mistrust, unless I know the person. I will also take consumer reports of products online if the product is expensive.

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