• u juz didnt take a bath ot didnt wash ur hands :p nah.. i dunno but i do know that once ur palm gets itchy, money will come ur way.. at least in our country thats the superstition for itchy palm but dunno about wrist.. if that can be considered, i hope i helped u :p
  • I believe it is related to fortune in one sense or other , if the right wrist is itchy, then it is good, if the left is, it is bad. It is related to money or good fortune, and/or aquaintences.
  • You irritated them?
  • I would think dry skin is the problem
  • Cheap jewellery?
  • scratch them?
  • Maybe you have an allergy to something. Wrists it could be jewellery or soap liquid or powder in the cuffs of something you are wearing. Soap powders are very frequently the cause of allergic reactions and it seems to happen at any time even if you have used the same product years. Try some moisturizer or Lanacane, Savlon anything ,but rinse thoroughly first
  • I would guess a food allergy. One of the worst offenders for itching of the wrists can be tomatoes. See if you can note when it occurs and if there is a pattern.. Agree with the other that it could be cheap jewellery. Same thing though .. chemical irritation
  • It has the same meaning as itchy palms.My grandmother says it means one is about to recieve money.
  • That bracelet or watch needs to be washed off with soap and water. Then you need to apply some soothing lotion to the irritated area.
  • Allergic to dishwashing gloves, jewelry, soaps, or perfumes....would be my guess, or hair dye

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