• Warnings of ANY kind happen because there are too many stoopid people out there, or those that do it because it doesn't say not to, and then sue. (think McDonalds coffe cups... HOT! DUH! - I'm surprised they didn't have to put something like "Don't put between legs near Big Jim and the Twins or your VaJayJay (oprah's term)" LOL)
  • Being a very conscious road user, I can say that the slippery when wet signs are a god send. Not all roads are created equally. Some are worn to the point of oblivion, others have so much traffic, debris, oil, tire stains, crud, that a little bit of water *drastically* reduces the traction. It's better to know before hand that such a road is coming up, I can assure you.
  • I call them LAWYER signs. The only reason we have them is so when someone does something stupid, a lawyer can say "We put up a sign!"
  • That people are jerks... mainly beacuse I have to put a sign on the floor that says slippery when wet beacuse you dont look where you are going, that makes you stupid. Appearently I am liable for your stupidity until I tell you with a sign.
  • Just today in McDonalds a worker was mopping the floor and 2 elderly customers came in with canes. As you know the floor can be very slippery. The signs just might remind an older person to be more careful.
  • I once saw a pair of PANTIES, and written in the crotch area were the words, "SLIPPERY WHEN WET." That was one memorable college party...
  • " Speed Hump " gets me all confused in the possible meanings

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